I Hate This Double-R Thing So Much!

Red Robin is due to get a costume change in DC Rebirth. I’m cool with that. His New 52 costume is fine, I suppose. It’s neat, though it’s overly complicated. Well now it looks like they’re going to give him a more classic, Robin-esque costume.

But he’s going to insist on having a Double-R on the chest! Here’s an up close look, courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Ugh. Robin is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, and Tim Drake is my favorite Robin. It grinds my gears that DC insists he’s only ever been ‘Red Robin’ in the DC Universe now. That’s such a ridiculous idea. Everybody just calls him ‘Robin’. And the Double-R looks so dumb!

Plus, he’s not even wearing predominantly red this time. Argh, whatever. I love this costume design for Tim and I’m still totally gonna read Detective Comics.



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  1. Jeremy kampman

    I just choose to call him sparrow, red robin has always been a dumb name for anything except a restaurant. So I started calling him sparrow, after all sparrows are close to robins, and if Tim really wanted to distinguish himself from Jason’s legacy he wouldn’t just add red to his name.

    • Exactly! That ‘honoring Jason’s legacy’ explanation is garbage! But at the same time, the name ‘Robin’ is too important to me. I wouldn’t really be happy with ‘Sparrow’, in the same way I’m still disappointed that Harper Row was made ‘Bluebird’ instead of Robin.

  2. I like the style of this costume, but i absolutely hate the colors. Why would they choose to go with original robin colors if he is trying to “not take Jason’s place and instead honor his memory” or something like that. You might as well just call him Green Robin now.
    I don’t even know what the hell is going on anymore. There are so many questions i’m afraid are going to be left unanswered. I am so afraid of this Rebirth….

    • I love the colors and the style, but then I would love nothing more than for Tim to go back to being a traditional Robin (correction, I would love it more if Harper Row or Duke Thomas became the new, official Robin). But yeah, Tim just keeps getting twisted up in so many weird choices. DC didn’t know what to do with him back when they made Damian the new Robin, and they still don’t.

      • I guess that’s what their trying to do: grab peoples nostalgia by bringing the colors and costume back. But he won’t be the same anyway.
        He can’t be Robin because of Damian. I don’t think they should have made Damian at all. I get that some people like him because his like Jason in some way, but i absolutely hate him. I don’t feel like he belongs in the family. He reminds me of them freaking spoiled brats from middle school. But there’s no going back now, i guess 😛
        I agree with you on Harper and Duke, Hench. Any one of them would have been a better choice for the new Robin. Sadly, it seems that they won’t bring Harper back, at least i have not seen anything related to her in Rebirth(yet?).

        TL:DR- Tim Drake fan bitchin’ about DC’s decisions. :I

      • You’ve come to the right blog if you’re looking for Tim Drake fans upset with DC’s decisions! I’m doing my best to accept them, but it’s been tough. I’m hoping he excels in his new role in Rebirth. I’ll be happy to see him back among the Bat-family, working alongside the likes of Spoiler and Cassandra Cain.

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