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Welp, Thor: Ragnarok Looks Amazing!

Surprise! The first teaser trailer for Thor 3: Ragnarok was released online today, and it’s utterly delightful!

Funny, charming, full of character and adventure; this movie looks phenomenal! Love Thor, love the Hulk, love the looks at Loki and Hela — though Jeff Goldblum looks ridiculous.

Also, at 1:05 in the trailer, I’m pretty sure that’s the Executioner with a pair of machine guns. And I’m pretty sure that means we’re getting Gjallerbru. So holy heck, you guys!

Thor: Ragnarok looks amazing!


Beta Ray Bill Can and Should Appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I never thought I would see the day where Thor was a household name. Marvel Studios has accomplished a lot in the past 7 years, but I am still most amazed at how they have turned previously unknown heroes like Thor, Iron Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy into bonafide celebrities. It’s amazing. There are kids out there who want to dress as Thor for Halloween. The Dark World was a truly great film, and I still herald it as one of Marvel’s best. I am legitimately excited to see the third one, Ragnarok.

I just think it should also include Beta Ray Bill, one of the greatest and weirdest comic book characters of all time. Yes, I’m talking about Horse Thor.

Comics, everybody!

Shortly after leaving the theater when the first Thor film debuted, I joked to myself that there was no way Beta Ray Bill would ever fit into what Marvel was building. But now we’re several films deep, including the amazing and alien-filled Guardians of the Galaxy, and I have completely changed my mind. Beta Ray Bill should appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And if you’ll join me after the jump, I’ll tell you how!

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Marvel Just Won Everything With Amazing Movie Revelations!

Marvel just took DC to school today on how to court the press and the fans about their upcoming movies. Remember a few weeks ago, when we learned DC’s upcoming film slate? Everything from Wonder Woman to Justice League was leaked from a private shareholder’s meeting, and then DC hasn’t done anything since. No casting announcements. No official logos. Not a peep! We’re all just kind of stuck wondering if DC can actually pull it off.

But here comes Marvel with a big LA press conference, hyped for days, and filled to the brim with excited news media. As a fan, I am giddy! I’m excited! Marvel announced new movies for some less famous characters, but I am more confident in Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies than I am in Wonder Woman, Flash or Aquaman films. So take that, DC!

Make Mine Marvel!

There’s a lot of info and a lot of images. Marvel unveiled a metric ton of logs and film titles today.

So join me after the jump for a full rundown on all of the news and my reactions! And pretty please, share what you think in the comments! I hope you henchies are just as excited as I am!

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