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Animated Hulk and Chucky!

I feel behind on following the fine dude at Tell It Animated, so let’s check out a couple of them! The dude found some sponsorship and is now producing even better videos, so good for him!

First up is the Incredible Hulk!

And then Chucky, the killer doll!

Did you know there’s been a whole bunch of Chucky movies lately, all following the same ongoing storyline? I didn’t until I saw this video. Who ever even heard of Cult of Chucky? Anyway, the Chucky movies are getting rebooted, so it don’t matter too much anymore!


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 6/9/18

Happy Comic-Con season everybody! If you’re reading this, I am likely at Flower City Comic-Con in Rochester, NY, promoting Gamer Girl & Vixen! It’s the biggest convention I’ve tabled at solo, so hopefully I’m having fun and selling comics! Next month I’ll be in Syracuse.

We had some really solid comics out this week, which is always a hoot. For the first time in a long time, I find myself reviewing both the main Batman and main Superman comics in the same week. That’s pretty neat! We’ve also got new Power Rangers, Hulk and that Dazzler one-shot we were all excited about.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Justice League #1 for a far out and freaky debut issue!

Martian Dragon 01

Even as a dragon, he wears his suspenders

Meanwhile, DC is also putting out some one-shots of Bat-Family characters reacting to the upcoming wedding. I flipped through the Nightwing vs. Hush issue and was disappointed to discover that Batman chose Superman to be his best man over Dick. Batman and Robin is legend, man! How is that not the most obvious thing?

Also, they explain that Batman and Catwoman are getting married, but not Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. That’s weird as hell.

Comic Reviews: Batman #48, Dazzler X-Song #1, Go Go Power Rangers #10, Justice League #1, Immortal Hulk #1 and Man of Steel #2. 

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Welp, Thor: Ragnarok Looks Amazing!

Surprise! The first teaser trailer for Thor 3: Ragnarok was released online today, and it’s utterly delightful!

Funny, charming, full of character and adventure; this movie looks phenomenal! Love Thor, love the Hulk, love the looks at Loki and Hela — though Jeff Goldblum looks ridiculous.

Also, at 1:05 in the trailer, I’m pretty sure that’s the Executioner with a pair of machine guns. And I’m pretty sure that means we’re getting Gjallerbru. So holy heck, you guys!

Thor: Ragnarok looks amazing!


Hulk is My Favorite Avenger!

Avengers: Age of Ultron is a very fun, exciting movie, and I’m going to see it again tonight! It’s not as amazing as the first one because everything is more familiar than last time, and a little too comfortable, but it’s still another high mark on Marvel’s resume. It absolutely deserves to break box office records, though I don’t think it’s going to have people talking as much as the last Avengers movie did. Still, very good stuff!

Here are a couple of videos poking fun at my favorite Avenger, the Hulk! First up is the Honest Trailer for Hulk’s original movie, all the way back before Marvel got into making movies.

Personally, I liked Hulk when it first came out. I haven’t seen it in years, and I probably won’t ever be watching it again, but I liked Hulk and I’m not ashamed of that.

Next up, the fine folks at Cinema Sins tackle the second movie, The Incredible Hulk. And I think we can all agree that we liked Incredible Hulk better, though it’s easy to forget that it came out the same year as Iron Man and is technically part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, we’re all better off with Hulk in the Avengers movies, so there’s definitely no complaining now. And probably expect my full Age of Ultron review by Sunday!


Hulk Smash Pickle Jar!

Here’s another amazing Marvel/Perry Bible Fellowship cartoon! Love this stuff!

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