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I Think I Like These More Than Cinema Sins

Recently, a hero at Shesellssheshells has started sinning the Cinema Sins videos! He throws shade at the weak sauce critiques that Cinema Sins has been putting down, as the kids are known to say. He has now torn apart Everything Wrong With Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s fun!

Though I’d come up with a better name than ‘Shesellssheshells’. I’m not even sure I’m spelling that right…


The Age of Ultron Honest Trailer is Brutal

We all deserve this. Especially Age of Ultron. I still enjoyed it, and it’s still one of my favorite movies of the year, but Honest Trailers does not hold back!

Brutal, just brutal. Honest and hilarious, yes, but also brutal. Ah well. Still a good movie!


Age of Ultron Bloopers!

Avengers: Age of Ultron is starting to become available at long last. It’s available digitally, with DVDs and the like due out early next month. And that means we’ve got a fun little blooper reel to enjoy. Everybody loves blooper reels!

I know I do! I rewatched the movie just last night as part of my epic birthday weekend. It was a blast!


How Age of Ultron Should Have Ended

Anybody else feel like the world has just forgotten about Age of Ultron? It was this hugely hyped film two months ago, but now it’s an afterthought. Oh well, the How It Should Have Ended people still have some fun with it! In 2 parts!

Got some legitimately good humor in them too. That’s always a plus with these videos.


A Hench-Sized Ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

With the whole world enjoying Avengers: Age of Ultron, I saw a lot of lists on the Internet ranking the best and worst of the Marvel movies. I will gladly go on record claiming that there isn’t a bad movie in the bunch. They’ve all been good to great so far, and I fully expect that trend to continue later this summer with Ant-Man.

Being a blogger of the people, and a self-proclaimed Marvel fan, I’ve decided to rank all of the Marvel movies from my most to least favorite. I love them all and, were I a healthier man, I would gladly have attended one of those massive, multi-hour marathons that were playing in major cities. But alas, I live in a dinky little city that doesn’t get that kind of awesome attention. I need to move somewhere cool…

Also, this seems like a great time to share the first official synopsis of Captain America: Civil War. It seems Cap’s new team of Avengers are going to fill the New Warriors’ role from the original comic, and the movie will feature a metric ton of characters, including War Machine, Vision, Ant-Man and General Ross from The Incredible Hulk! They’re really getting William Hurt to return! That’s amazing connectivity!

So join me after the jump for my personal ranking of all the Marvel movies! And feel free to share your own in the comments below!

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