The Official List of Upcoming DC Comics Movies!

Batman v. Superman. Suicide Squad. Wonder Woman. Flash. Cyborg. Aquaman. Green Lantern. Shazam. Two Justice Leagues.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have some major plans!

At a Warner Bros. shareholders meeting today, the company unveiled its upcoming film slate. Along with LEGO Movie sequels and that Harry Potter spin-off, DC has superhero movies planned through 2020!

That list is both insane and awesome! Sounds like a pretty solid plan for movies, though I’m surprised that DC isn’t going to try to do a new solo Batman film or even a proper Man of Steel sequel sometime in the next 5-6 years. They’re risking a lot by hoping that audiences like the less marquee heroes like Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman.

But hey, as a comic book fan, I’m excited! Some people out there might not like the onslaught of comic book movies we’re getting these days, but I’m in love! Bring’em on, good or bad!


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  1. It’s nice that both female and minority leads will be included in the first 10 films, given Marvel couldn’t be bothered to do that. And I’m still sceptical about whether there’s going to be female or minority leads in and of the 11 films Marvel currently has scheduled. If Marvel has any sense of decency, Captain Marvel will be May 2017, and Black Panther will be 2018. The 2017 movies aren’t likely to be announced until next year’s SDCC, in July, so I guess I’ll probably be skipping Avengers 2, since I refuse to give Marvel studios any of my money until they cut the shit and confirm that female- and minority-led movies will be released before Avengers 3.

    • They will do that eventually. Either Captain Marvel or Black Widow will, at some point, get their own movies. So will Black Panther. Just have some faith!

      • I refuse to give Marvel the benefit of the doubt. Until they actually confirm that they’re doing those movies, and give them release dates, I’m not going to support them. They’ve got 10 movies out, and five more announced and scheduled. I think they need to cut the coy shit and just say when Captain Marvel and Black Panther will get movies. No more excuses, no more crap about “timing,” just come out and say, “Hey, Captain Marvel will be released on this date, Black Panther on that one.”

    • Let’s hope you’re right! A Captain Marvel movie would be brilliant!

  2. Yeah that blows my mind that there’s no Superman or Batman solo movies slated in that time frame. One can only assume that they appear in the two Justice League films (as well as the Vs movie) and that it. Oh well, i’m pretty excited for Aquaman and a Green Lantern film done right. And of course Shazam.

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