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Rhapsody Will Not Be Forgotten

So here’s a thing about this blog: some of it is just going to be me fanboying over my favorite comic book characters. Every character is somebody’s favorite. And I, particularly, love a lot of random, obscure characters. And when you love random, obscure characters, there’s a sort of Where’s Waldo aspect to reading comics. Sometimes your favorite character is Wolverine, and he’s in everything. Sometimes your favorite character is Multiple Man, and he only shows up once in a blue moon.

Which brings us to Rhapsody, a mutant who recently reappeared after nearly 30 years. I wrote about her extensively before, to get you up to speed. Basically, she was a one-off character back in the early 90s X-Factor, but those were comics that meant a lot to me, so she became an obscure favorite. Then, surprise surprise, she reappeared at the Hellfire Gala last year! I was super pleased!

And it seems Marvel isn’t going to forget her, because Rhapsody made a quick, one-panel appearance in the first issue of the new Sabretooth comic last week!

Will she be around for good? Will she be a reoccurring character in Sabretooth? I have no idea. Like I said, this is now a game of Where’s Waldo. She’s back in the world, she’s confirmed living on Krakoa, people like music.

I might have to start a Rhapsody Watch, even if I’m the only person who cares.


UN-Forgotten Characters: Rhapsody Has Returned

Every comic book character is somebody’s favorite. There have been so many comics across so many decades, with so many people reading them at random, that certain issues and certain characters are going to stick with those people.

The height of early 90s fashion

One of those characters for me is the mutant Rhapsody, a character who made a single storyline appearance in an issue of Peter David’s X-Factor all the way back in 1992. I don’t remember how little 9-year-old me got ahold of the issue, but so much about what I love in comics can be traced directly back to X-Factor #79.

Join me after the jump for the full story and Rhapsody’s return at the Hellfire Gala!

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The 6 Characters I Would Use in Secret X-Men (My Dawn of X Comic)

It’s that time of year again: San Diego Comic-Con! Except the world sucks and those of us in America are going to die from a horrible virus that’s ravaging our dumbest states! Comic-Con, like everything else, was cancelled this year. They’re going to make a lot of big announcements virtually, and I’ll still report on them on this blog if they’re fun enough. But really, the main thing I care about is my annual tradition of fan-casting a superhero team!

And since San Diego Comic-Con is not real this year, then neither is my superhero team! Meet the Secret X-Men!

Not these guys specifically! Scroll down!

So basically, ever since Dawn of X revived and relaunched the X-Men franchise, we have seen all manner of new X-Men comics come and go. We’ve got X-Men, New Mutants, X-Force; we had Fallen Angels for a bit, and we’ve got Marauders and maybe the Hellions; a new X-Factor is supposed to be coming out. There’s a ton of freestyle X-Men books, is what I’m saying. Me being the creative chap that I am came up with one of my own: Secret X-Men. And since it’s probably far too late for me to get my foot in the door of Krakoa to pitch this idea to Marvel, I’m just going to make a fan-casting blog post about it!

I’ve done a bunch of these over the years. They’re basically just a fantasy game where I get to write some major team comics and pick my own roster. Last year was Guardians of the Galaxy. I’ve done the core X-Men team. I’ve done my version of X-Force. I’ve done the Avengers, the Justice League, the Fantastic Four, the Teen Titans, the Defenders and the Exiles. So enjoy those old lists and join me after the jump for my idea and the team roster of the Secret X-Men!

And feel free to share your own dream Dawn of X comics, real or imagined, in the comments below! This is just going to be a creativity free-for-all.

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Forgotten Characters: Rhapsody

Whatever happened to Rhapsody?

No, seriously, how is it that this total babe of a mutant has only ever appeared in one comic book story nearly 20 years ago? She was a villain/love interest for my favorite comic book character, Multiple Man, in one of the earliest comic books I ever owned: X-Factor #79. The comic was written by Peter David, who is once again currently writing a new X-Factor series, starring Multiple Man.

So I want to know why Peter David hasn’t brought her back for a cameo or a reappearance or anything? Marvel Comics went to the trouble of making sure that Rhapsody did not lose her mutant powers on M-Day, but why bother if they weren’t going to use her again someday? She’s hot, she’s blue and she’s crazy. She’s everything that comic book fans are looking for!

Comic book fans are easy to please

Join me for more after the jump!

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