The 6 Characters on My X-Men Team

Welcome to Comic-Con Week! The party is rocking down in San Diego, but here I am still shuffling around Central New York. Such is my lot and life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some comic book fun! In what’s becoming an annual tradition for Henchman-4-Hire, I’ve decided to spend Comic-Con Week playing one of my favorite games: superhero dream team!

If I was hired to write the X-Men, which characters would I choose for my team? Last year, I did the Justice League, and the year before that it was the Avengers. I’ve also done X-Force, the Fearless Defenders, the Teen Titans and the Sinister Six. But this year, it’s the X-Men!

Maybe you’ve heard of them (and if so, remind Marvel that they exist)

This is a very open-ended proposition, considering how many X-Men teams and squads there have been over the years. Once upon a time, team membership was sacred, but now every single change in writer brings on a new lineup, not to mention all the different X-titles available. There are already dozens of lineups in continuity, so what difference would mine make? Good question! Just trust me when I say it would be an awesome, super fun comic!

Join me after the jump to check out my roster. And please join me in the comments to pick your own! I’d love to hear your ideas.

So what would be the premise of my X-Men comic? There are so many different versions of the team that it could be nearly anything. I don’t have a specific story or villain in mind, but my X-Men comic would be set after the Schism had been resolved and Scott Summers has rejoined the fold (having been right all along). I don’t think it would have anything to do with any mutant school, but it could. I’m more thinking along the lines of a superhero strike force, protecting a world that hates and fears them. My comic would be more character-focused, telling stories about the members and their lives over whatever super-villain threat came against them.

6. Cyclops

He looks better in red

Who is he: Original X-Man and their longest-serving leader, Cyclops is the driving force of mutants in the 21st century. His powers may seem minor — optic blasts — but this mutant is no push over. He’s courageous and heroic through and through, and has been with the X-Men as long as anybody. Most recently, Cyclops was kicked off the team after a series of difficult choices, but he soldiered on to help mutants in need despite being hated and feared by his own teammates.

Why pick him: Once upon a time, I didn’t even really like Cyclops. He was boring, stiff and just not cool. But after the past few years, through Schism and Avengers vs. X-Men, my eyes have been opened! When backed into a corner, when the whole world is out to get him, Cyclops holds his own and keeps his head up. He continues to fight for what’s right, no matter what. And I want that kind of leadership at the head of my team. He’s a classic choice for team leader, but he’s also a must-have these days.


5. Emma Frost

Her most fully-dressed picture on the Internet

Who is she: Formerly the White Queen of the villainous Hellfire Club, Emma Frost has been a proud hero and X-Woman for years now. She’s rich, dresses provocatively and often gets under your skin, but there’s no doubting her commitment to the mutant cause, especially as a teacher. Emma’s powers include telepathy, mind control and turning her skin into unbreakable diamond.

Why pick her: Emma Frost is probably my favorite core X-Woman, and I think she and Cyclops make a great team. Not only do I love reformed villains, but I really love the nature of Emma’s character. On the one hand, she’s an arrogant, sharp-witted bitch, but on the other hand, she’s also a dedicated teacher and hero. She cares deeply about helping and teaching, and I think that makes her a great addition to any team. Plus she and Cyclops would make for some great drama going forward. She’s a must on my team.

4. Nightcrawler

I still think he needs a costume upgrade

Who is he: The demonic-looking Kurt Wagner is the poster boy for mutant prejudice. His mutation is largely physical, and he looks like a monster. But Kurt is the kindest, friendliest, most happy-go-lucky superhero in comics. He came back from the dead recently and could use some more attention.

Why pick him: Nightcrawler is great as the heart of any team he’s on. He’s got a positive attitude, he’s great in a fight, and his look is perfect for comics. If I really wanted to rock the boat, I’d come up with a pretty crazy roster for my ideal X-Men team. But part of the strength of the X-Men is maintaining the core team and keeping fan-favorites in the rotation. Nightcrawler is perfect for that role, so he’s in.

Though if I’m being entirely honest, my ideal Nightcrawler comic would be a solo series where he becomes an international man of mystery.

3. Storm

She still needs to be rehabbed from that terrible marriage

Who is she: Stalwart and powerful, Storm is a dedicated X-Man who has led the team for years. With the power to control the weather, Storm is as awesome as they come. But she’s also great on the personal front, with deep friendships on the team, great love affairs and a powerful distrust of Cyclops these days.

Why pick her: Like Nightcrawler, Storm is a bedrock member of the X-Men and one I would be glad to have on my team. She’s got great relationships with characters like Cyclops and Nightcrawler, and I’d love to build a better relationship with a character like Emma Frost. Storm is powerful, fearsome and dedicated to heroics. She’d also be there to keep Cyclops in line, possibly butting heads with a man she no longer trusts.

2. Blob

Now just hear me out…

Who is he: Blob is a big, fat bully. From the very first days of the X-Men, Blob has been one of their biggest villains, pun intended. He’s always filling out the Brotherhood of Mutants or some random evil mutant cause, always more than willing to get into a fight with the nerds and squares on the X-Men. He’s rude, arrogant, crude and is all-around perfectly happy to be a bad guy.

Why choose him: Blob is my wild card. Every team has a wild card or two, and I think he’s overdue for a little time in the spotlight. What I love about the X-Men franchise is that they’re all mutants. Good and bad, they all still play for the same mutant team. In Blob’s first appearance, way back in X-Men #3, Professor X and the original X-Men were actually trying to recruit him to join the team because he was a new mutant — he was just too much of an asshole to keep around.

Bad guys are always joining the X-Men! The way I figure it, Blob has finally had enough of being a helpless idiot. Bad guys like Magneto, Mystique and Sabretooth always have something going on. But Blob is a henchman at best, never accomplishing much on his own. So perhaps he’s been feeling depressed lately, and the X-Men are called to pick him up after a bar fight or something. They offer him a little bit of amnesty, and he lends a hand in the tough scrapes.

Blob would be my lovable asshole character. Every good team has one of those!

1. Iceman

Almost a package deal

Who is he: Another original X-Man, Bobby Drake is the team jokester, always good for a laugh or an ice-themed prank. He’s also one of the most powerful mutants, with total control over ice and cold. He’s been a solid team member for a few years now, and I think he’s long past due for a heroic spotlight. And it helps that he’s my favorite core X-character.

Why pick him: I think Iceman would be the star of my comic. He’s a nice guy, friendly, funny and charming when he wants to be. He’s also got awesome powers, and every new writer claims they’re finally going to have Bobby come into his own. I would make that happen. He could cast aside his drama and step up as a true superhero.

There’s also the new wrinkle that Bobby’s younger, time-traveling self came out as gay recently. We haven’t gotten word yet if adult Iceman is gay, but I’m of the mind that I think it’d be more interesting if adult Bobby wasn’t gay. I’m all for LGBTQ+ characters in comics, and I would definitely have some in any series I write, but I like the dynamic of an adult Iceman having to come to terms with his younger self being gay. It would be a great parable about accepting your loved ones when they come out, with the comic book twist that this ‘loved one’ is yourself, come to visit from the past. That sounds like a neat story to me.

Support Staff and Guest Stars

I’ll keep you alive, Goldballs!

The joy of any X-book is that you’re not stuck with just the one team. There are lots of characters who can make guest appearances or help out in the background. You better believe my comic would include such characters as Cecilia Reyes, Forge, Northstar, Mimic, Strong Guy, Avalanche and definitely Goldballs as the ‘Kitty Pryde’ entry character role.

Also, Young Iceman would have to show up so I could do that Iceman story I mentioned. Iceman and Young Iceman make a great team!


Who would be on your ideal X-Men roster? Would you go wild with a team full of brand new mutants? Or would you stick to a classic lineup? Let me know in the comments!


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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. I’d probably be inclined to go with something like Storm, Shadowcat, Karma, Anole, Rockslide and Monet. With a focus on the team being the public face of mutants. Storm is just about equal to Scott as a leader, and she’d definitely work a hell of a lot better as a spokeswoman. Kitty is smart, attractive and charismatic, making her ideal for a PR team. Karma . . . OK, I just love Karma. But she’s also been through an insane amount of stuff, and has retained her optimism in the face of it all. Anole and Rockslides are the best bros, and they’d be effective for representing the mutants who don’t look normal. And then Monet is there because I wanted someone from the ’90s, truthfully, but she’d still work well, since she’s basically perfect.

    This is also one hell of a combat team. Rockslide and Monet for raw strength, Storm for all sorts of stuff, Anole for agility, Shadowcat as a ninja, and Karma on support, clearing civilians and sowing chaos in groups of enemies. Aside from Rockslide, this is actually a really good stealth team, too.

    • Nice lineup! I definitely agree Rockslide and Anole need a much bigger presence in the X-books. Those are two characters who could really take off instead of being relegated to the background.

  2. You surprise me, Sean. I was expecting you to say “Jamie Madrox and five of his dupes.” =P

    • Nope, nope, nope! Madrox has done just fine for himself without ever being a member of the X-Men. In fact, I think it would be a step backwards for him if he just joined up on a random X-roster. He’s a leading man now, with far more interesting potential.

      And just you wait for my X-Factor dream team lineup…

  3. I don’t know how many people are aware that Iceman younger is gay, but those that do, you just know that they figure Iceman older is gay too, just hiding it, or not come to terms with it or whatever. I mean, if that’s not the case, then its like 1 of 2 things: 1.Christians are right, and people aren’t born gay, its just a choice or conditioning or whatever, and subsequently, they can be ‘de-gayed’. Which is stupid. Or 2. Iceman younger isn’t actually from their past, but rather from the past of some alternate reality, maybe where Spider-man there is Japanese and has a giant robot (has anyone actually asked them that?) I don’t follow the story so that may be the case. Otherwise, logic dictates Iceman older would have to be gay. But it’s interesting anyway.

    As for my team, i’d like: Rogue, Psylocke, Blink, Sabertooth, Domino and Colossus. Also, in my X-world, Phantomex is dead and never coming back. He’s buried underneath the original Captain Marvel.

    • I am in no way saying that people aren’t born gay. I’m just saying that, with things like time travel and alternate realities and comic book science involved, it’s possible that Young Iceman could be gay and Adult Iceman could be straight. Or maybe Adult Iceman is still in the closet. That would be fine too.

      Beyond that, nice roster! I’ve always liked Blink, and Domino and Colossus are pretty popular these days. Would your Sabretooth still be evil though?

      • Well, lethal. Perhaps he would be inclined to put their enemies down in a more permanent fashion, as Logan was wont to do in times of yore. But other than that, he’d be a force for good. If he had turned out to be some sort of spy in the X-men camp, well, that would just be too unsurprising.
        And yeah, Blink has always been a great character for me, ever since she got some serious page-time in the Age of Apocalypse. Plus Blink and Sabertooth had a nice relationship in AoA. They had a nice big bro/little sis thing going there, or maybe more father/daughter. I can’t remember exactly.

      • Oooooo, so you’d be using AoA Blink? What about resurrected 616 Blink?

  4. Now that I finally have free time, here’s my 6:

    6. Maggot – Ok so the theme of my team is that they’re all dead characters. But they come back to life and become a Secret X-Men. News of their resurrection could really mess some stuff up (if we pretend that coming back to life is a big deal in comics). So they work in the shadows where the people they once knew can’t find them. In this regard Maggot will do. He’s number 6 because I think his power is Inhumans-level nifty and he works just fine.

    5. Thunderbird – John Proudstar died super quick, so let’s bring him back and give him something fun to do. Also each character would get their own issue about what their afterlife was like and I think his would be interesting. According to, his brother James stole his body right before the funeral and gave him a proper Apache burial.

    4. Sunpyre. Remember her? She was Sunfire’s sister. She’s on my team. Also I wasn’t sure if she was still dead, so i went on Wikipedia and looked up the list of dead Marvel characters…that list is sad.

    3. Changeling. He was the first X-Man to die. But now he’s coming back and calling himself Morph. Boom! Mic drop! I just added Morph to the 616 for realz.

    2. Pyro. Had to be done.

    1. Jean Grey – BOOM! Double Mic Drop! She’s been dead long enough. Plus she’s the whole reason the team has to stay secret. She knows that whenever she’s around she always causes trouble. Plus everyone has totally moved on. She has no Phoenix powers anymore. And there’s a new young Jean Grey running around. She wouldn’t want to ruin all that by coming back to life. But she’s still a superhero and she still has a job to do.

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