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Strong Guy Watch: He’s on Krakoa!

Good news, everybody! Strong Guy has finally been spotted on Krakoa as part of Dawn of X! Every X-Person ever, hero and villain, has supposedly been resurrected on Krakoa, but some of my favorite characters have been missing since the big relaunch.

But Strong Guy shows up in a big group shot from this week’s X-Force #2! He’s also, apparently, gone back to his 90s costume. Probably because of the upcoming action figure.

Krakoa Group Shot 01

Also, uh, spoilers…

I’m glad to see he’s no longer dead. Vive le Strong Guy!

Also in this picture is our first confirmation that the Blob is also on Krakoa. He wasn’t in the big villain arrival scene during House of X, so I was holding out hope that Marvel was planning something special for Blob in the wake of Leah Williams’ excellent take on the character during the Age of X-Man.

This appearance doesn’t negate potential plans for Marvel and Williams, so I’m going to hold onto hope that something excellent might happen.

Now to sit back and wait for Multiple Man and Mimic to finally appear…


6 Obscure Mutants I Want to See on Krakoa

The Dawn of X is here! All living and dead X-Men and X-Villains have been brought to the new mutant paradise of Krakoa! It’s a big launch party of a country with a whole host of new comics exploring the new status quo, with tons of group shots of a bunch of mutants. Obviously stalwarts like Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey and Kate Pryde are all over these comics, but what about the obscure and random mutants who have appeared over the years?

XMen Party 01

We all have our favorite mutants and X-Men. And we all have our obscure and random favorite mutants who were sprinkled throughout decades worth of X-comics. My own personal favorite mutants, like Multiple Man, Mimic and Strong Guy, have yet to appear on Krakoa in Dawn of X. But making a list out of my favorite mutants isn’t anything new for this blog. So how about a list of my favorite random, obscure, single-appearance mutants from the furthest corners of the longboxes?

Join me after the jump for six mutants who, I promise, existed at one point or another for a fleeting moment, and whom I’d like to see basking in the new mutant paradise!

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