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Tell It Animated Does Harley Quinn

The Tell It Animated channel on YouTube is one that needs more recognition. This guy is doing great work! So I’m glad to do my part to always share his videos with you, my loyal and random blog readers. Surely we can turn the tide and make this dude famous, right? If it helps, his new video is on Harley Quinn!

Another excellent video! And I’d love one based on Harley Quinn’s video game appearances. Though, as always, my recommendation for his next video is Robin. He’s circling the Batman family tree pretty hard, and there are plenty of good Robin options out there! Early serials, ’60s Batman, Animated Series, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Titans, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, Dark Knight Rises; the list goes on and on! Plenty of Robin fodder!


I’ve Never Seen a Saw Movie

And now I don’t have to! The Tell It Animated guy has gone above and beyond the call of duty with his latest video, recapping and animating all of the villains in the Saw franchise. He adds some bonus cheers and is hopefully having a good time with all of the work he’s doing.

This was another stellar video. Fun, funny and very informative. The man is doing good work.

I can’t remember what my previous suggestions were for. I think he should do Robin! And…Black Widow maybe? Although the window has probably passed on that one now.


King Kong Will Never Die!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we all enjoyed Godzilla vs. Kong, so how about one last bit of related joy with the Tell It Animated video for King Kong!

I love these things. The creator has a lot of talent and really found a fun niche. They’ve got a Patreon. They post some fun videos. I hope they are doing well in their chosen niftiness.

There are a lot of options still to go, I would think. As always, my suggestion for a future video is Robin! There are a bunch of live action Robins and Nightwings to choose from.


Let’s Look at Wonder Woman, Animated

Your favorite internet animator and mine — Tell It Animated — is back with Wonder Woman! I love this dude’s videos and I love sharing them on my blog, to spread the word as far and wide as I can. This one is another corker.

Another great job! This guy has really found a nifty niche, and I hope he’s having fun and finding success!

As for what he should do next, a lot of people are requesting a King Kong video, but surely that’s not going to be very fun, right? Just a bunch of drawings of the same gorilla?

I suggest he do Robin! He’s already got a Batman video, so why not complete the Dynamic Duo? Robin was in just as many black and white serials as Batman back in the day, then you’ve got the 1960s TV show, the Chris O’Donnell Robin from the movies, the Robin costume from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and now the various Robin/Nightwing costumes on the live action Titans. Sounds like a good video to me!


The Many Looks of Robocop

Your favorite and mine, the Tell It Animated guy, returns with a new Robocop episode! Turns out, everybody’s favorite law enforcement cyborg has had a couple of different looks over the years.

Does anybody else remember that Robocop animated show from 1998-1999? It was called Robocop: Alpha Commando. It’s the one in the video with the really tall shoulders. I watched that show! It was about Robocop in the future and it was…honestly, I don’t know how it was. I have no memory of the episodes or the storylines or the style. I know there was a female cop partner, but that’s about it. Wild, man, wild!


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