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All the Boba Fetts, Animated

Our old pal Tell It Animated is back with a fun look at all the cool Boba Fett armors. I’m a big Boba Fett fan, because he’s cool as hell, and that’s largely because his look is so damn good. So this is right up my alley. Even if The Book of Boba Fett wasn’t so great.

As always, this was just plain fun. I hope this dude is super successful making these animations. They’re always a treat when they come along, and I’m happy to share them. Especially since they tend to pop up over the weekend and they make for good Monday morning happiness.

And, as always, should he ever read these posts, I recommend Robin for a future episode!


Everybody’s Talking About the Riddler!

The Riddler is the villain of the month thanks to The Batman, so that makes him a perfect choice for the latest episode of Tell It Animated! And it’s a real doozy of an episode.

This channel is pure quality. I hope the creator is having the time of their life making all this happen, and I hope they are making a ton of money on Patreon to keep it going. And, as always, should he ever read this random blog post sharing his video, I vote for Robin as a future entry!


Green Goblin Always Looks Good

The Green Goblin and I have a troubling history. I know he’s one of Spider-Man’s most famous villains, with along history. But I loved the Phil Urich Green Goblin series from the 1990s, so I will always prefer that Goblin. Still, I can appreciate all the Norman and Harry Osborn looks.

Tell It Animated remains a banger of a YouTube channel and I hope this dude is making all the money on Patreon. These videos are funny, clever and really well done. A quaint bit of pop culture enjoyment that randomly comes along every couple of months or so.

As always, if he’s reading this, I recommend Robin for his next video!


Let’s Celebrate the Gremlins (Animated)!

It’s still the Christmas season, so how about we celebrate the Gremlins? Some of their movies took place during Christmas, right? I haven’t seen a Gremlins movie in a dog’s age. But our favorite movie look animating YouTuber — Tell It Animated — spent the time to animate all the funky Gremlins! So let’s celebrate!

I love this guy. Gremlins is a fun choice.

As always, my recommendation is Robin. There’s plenty of movie and animation Robins to animate. And everybody loves a new Batman video, right?

Speaking of Gremlins, have you ever seen that classic Key and Peele sketch about Gremlins 2? That thing is so much fun!


Tell Venom Animated

Our boy at Tell It Animated is back with Venom! Between all the man Spider-Man cartoons over the years, and those couple of movie appearances, we have all the looks of Venom!

Tell It Animated has now opened itself up to Spider-Man villains, based on the end of the video. That should be a fun one. Again, Spider-Man has had like a dozen different cartoons over the past decade at least. So there’s lots of options. Doctor Octopus definitely has a bunch of different looks, especially considering his reappearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home in a couple weeks. So he gets my vote.

And, as always, I recommend Robin! You’ve already got the Batman episode, and Joker, so definitely Robin. There are the original black and white serials, the 1960s show, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, then all the different animated versions of Robin. Plenty of options! Especially if you go for different Robins under the mask.


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