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Check Out Them There Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Animated

Having run out of horror movie characters with evolving looks, it seems the Tell It Animated dude has moved on to something new: showcasing all of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I’d say he does a pretty good job.

I’ve never gotten around to seeing Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I understand it’s a cult classic. I had no idea there were this many Klowns, though clearly some are just mixed and matched. Still, good on the Tell It Animated guy for finding new things to do with his art.


Tell It Animated is Back with Iron Man!

It’s been a couple months since we last saw the Tell It Animated guy with his fun videos — and that’s because he apparently spent 500 hours doing this massive Iron Man rundown! Hells yeah!

Another fantastic job! The attention to detail is as great as always, the humor is fun; this guy is doing good stuff. He’s a champion for going through all of those armors.

Who has he got left to do? There’s plenty of Avengers left. Thor and Daredevil had appearances on that live action Incredible Hulk TV show back in the day, so there’s a place to start that’s more than just their modern appearances. Black Widow had a bunch of costume changes across her movies, though he’s probably saving that one for when the Black Widow movie actually comes out. He hasn’t done Wolverine yet.

Lot’s of options to keep this dude busy!


Go for Papa Palpatine!

The cool dude behind Tell It Animated has tackled Emperor Palpatine for Star Wars Day, and I should have posted this yesterday! It’s another fun dive into the looks of one of Hollywood’s greatest villains!

I’ve never been much of a fan of Sidious, but I have grown increasingly curious about his early years. I guess there might be a novel or two out there that covers it. I would love to learn more about what he was like as a younger man. He seems pretty normal in The Phantom Menace. How did his Sith mentor find him before the Jedi’s regular Force-sensitive child searches? How did he take to Sith training to get where he is? Was he always into politics or did he get into them because his boss told him too? I think it would be really interesting!

Anyway, another great job by Tell It Animated!


It’s the Leprechaun!

The fine chap at Tell It Animated has decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a fun Leprechaun video! The poor fella is probably running out of horror movie villains to animate, but he’s still a master at the whole thing!

Meanwhile, I’m still not sick during this whole Coronavirus thing. So I’ll keep right along posting whatever pop culture stuff interests me. This is probably not the place to come for any news or tips about Coronavirus.

This remains the place for some listicles, videos and comic reviews!


How About Some Quality Joker Content?

It’s that time of year! When Joker comes out on DVD and the internet is awash with Joker content to capitalize on the SEO! I’m no internet expert, nor was I particularly a fan of Joker, but I’m all about sharing some quality-made internet comedy.

Like How Joker Should Have Ended!

Once again, the HISHE people focus more on their own running gags than on an actual alternate ending to Joker…but this one was still funny. Solid comedy all-around, including the attention to detail of an all-80s Villains Pub.

Then we’ve also got the Tell It Animated guy doing the Joker!

He’s also doing a ton of ads, apparently. But hey, I’m no fool. You make that money, friend! You turn your awesome idea into a moneymaker! You make it happen!

And do Iron Man next. Or James Bond.


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