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I Can Predict the Future; Doctor Octopus Gets an Upgrade

A few months ago, when The Clone Conspiracy started, I wrote an article proclaiming my belief that Doctor Octopus should be given a new, sexier appearance. He was being cloned, after all, so why clone him in that old, fat body from back in the day?


Even the bowl cut was cloned!

Use the power of cloning to make an awesome, buffer Doc Ock!

Well, it looks like I can predict the future, because now Doctor Octopus looks awesome! Clone Conspiracy came to an end, but Doc Ock lives on as something even cooler.

I’ll save SPOILERS for after the jump! Join me and check out the badass new Otto Octavius!

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Doctor Octopus Should Have Gotten a New Body

Doctor Octopus is back from the dead in the pages of Clone Conspiracy, and I think they should have given him a new, studlier body. Chubby may be classic, but this is a new century. Spruce this guy up.

Makes quite the first impression

Makes quite the first impression

So I bet you’re wondering how Doc Ock is back from the dead, right? Well, this is where things get kind of weird and very comic booky. This is only Doctor Octopus by a weird stretch of comic book science. The ‘original’ Doctor Octopus died when he sacrificed his life at the end of Superior Spider-Man, the best writing of Dan Slott’s tenure on Spider-Man.

Before he died, and before he became the sort of man who would make a heroic sacrifice, Doc Ock made a digital copy of his brain and put it in computer storage to wake up in the event of his eventual death. This digital copy of Doc Ock spent a while in the Living Brain robot before he orchestrated the purchase of his original dead body by the Jackal, who used his new cloning technique to make a new Doc Ock body.

But rather than the usual cloned pod person mind taking control of the body, the digital doctor invaded the brain and took over.

So Doctor Octopus is now the combination of a cloned body and a digital brain scan from before he died. Such are comics.

He even went back to the old, dumb costume

He even went back to the old, dumb costume

I bring this up because, in my opinion, Marvel should have mad Doctor Octopus hotter.

As you can see from the pictures, his cloned body is the same chubby Doc Ock we’ve always known, with the same dumb bowl cut hairstyle. If you’re cloning a body, even rapidly cloning the body, why would it have that haircut? And since Doc Ock is a master of switching brains, why not have the Jackal produce him a genetically manipulated slender/muscular body?

I bring all this up not just because I want a svelte, sexy Doc Ock, but because body image was a major aspect of Superior Spider-Man. Slott spent a lot of time playing with the fact that Doc Ock went from that old, chubby body to the young, muscular body of Spider-Man. For the first time, he was handsome and in shape, and this was a huge boost to Otto’s self-confidence. He even got an awesome girlfriend!

Anna Maria Marconi is the best new Spider-Man character since Phil Urich

Anna Maria Marconi is the best new Spider-Man character since Phil Urich

In the story where this digital doctor came back, he even remarked how he wanted to just take over Peter Parker’s body again because it’s an awesome body.

So with all of that build-up, why throw it away just to go back to the classic Doctor Octopus?

Granted, making him a younger, fitter Doc Ock with better hair reeks of pandering. But in this instance, it would work for the story and the character. Otto had a taste of being young, handsome and fit, and I would think he would want that again when cloning a new body.

Yes, everybody loves classic Doctor Octopus, but for the sake of the story and his character growth, I think Marvel should have cloned him a slimmer, younger body, and he should have given himself a better haircut. If he wants to win back Anna Maria, looking handsome would be a good first step — not that she’d take him back, she’s not that shallow, but still.

Considering Spider-Man’s long history of romance, Otto Octavius and Anna Maria Marconi is the best love story Spidey comics have seen in years.


Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Man is Coming Back!

Some way, some how, Peter Parker is on his way back to comics in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man, possibly as early as March! Behold, this image of Marvel Previews that has started circulating around the web!

Marvel haven’t released anything about what this means or implies, only that Dan Slott, the chief Spider-Man writer for years and years, is still going to be on the book. There’s no word on whether or not Superior Spider-Man will be cancelled or continue telling its own story, but this is pretty substantial proof that not only is Amazing Spider-Man coming back, but Slott is bringing Peter back as well. There’s no way Doc Ock would look so cheerful.

We all knew it was going to happen eventually.

Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 11/16/13

The week after Marvel puts a new Thor movie in theaters, they put a new Thor comic on the shelves. I hope someone in their publishing division got a promotion out of that genius move. The comic even has Malekith in it! Talk about synergy! Marvel should also be grateful that Jason Aaron writes an awesome Thor. Who could have guessed that the Asgardian God would be such a hot commodity these days?

He’s not alone, we’ve got swell comics for Batman, Nightwing, Spider-Man and the X-Men. Though Superman and Wonder woman break the streak with their ho-hum attempt at romance. Oh well. Love isn’t for everybody. But it might be for the teenagers in the original X-Men. Those kids are all about feelings. The hilarious and adorable All-New X-Men #18 wins Comic Book of the Week with ease. Check out their fancy new costumes!

I wish I had a costume that cool

Comic Reviews: All-New X-Men #18, Batman #25, Nightwing #25, Superior Foes of Spider-Man #5, Superior Spider-Man #21, Superman/Wonder Woman #2, Thor: God of Thunder #15.

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Review: Superior Spider-Man #1

I’m in. I take back almost all of the negative or indifferent comments I’ve made about Superior Spider-Man. Writer Dan Slott knocked the first issue of the new series out of the park, and I am completely on board with this big, insane plan of his. Because after reading this issue (and a few other hints around the Internet) it’s become clear that this is all one big scheme. This is a long story, and Marvel has just decided to gussy it up with a new name and a new #1 issue. Does Doctor Octopus taking over Peter Parker’s body warrant all this fanfare? I suppose. It would have probably still worked as Amazing Spider-Man #701, but that’s not how comic book marketing works these days.

Superior Spider-Man #1

If you really think Doc Ock is here to stay and that Peter Parker is never coming back, then I have a couple of homemade web-shooters to sell you. They really work too! But if you’re a Spider-Man fan and ready to put some real dedication into your comics, then Superior Spider-Man should be right up your alley.

Comic rating: 5/5: Great.

I’ve written before about my thoughts on this big status quo change, with the villainous Doctor Octopus taking over Peter Parker’s body (killing Peter in the process), and using it as a puppet to try and be a better Peter Parker and a superior Spider-Man. I never thought it was a bad idea, nor did I think it was in any way permanent. I just didn’t think I would be all that interested. It felt like Marvel and Slott were going to force us into a year of placeholder stories until they eventually got around to bringing Peter back to life. Placeholder stories that, I felt, turned all of Peter’s friends and loved ones into victims, hoodwinked by the sinister Doc Ock. Especially Mary Jane. I know some people don’t like Mary Jane Watson, but I’m a big fan, especially of her and Peter. And the idea of Doc Ock romancing and even sleeping with Mary Jane while using Peter’s body is downright creepy.

And if that’s the case, then I’m out. But after reading issue #1, I definitely approve of what Dan Slott is doing. It’s a very fun issue, with Doc Ock at his most pompous. He even dresses like Doctor Horrible! You really get a sense of the kind of fun Slott has in store for us. Couple that with a last page twist that I never saw coming and I am definitely excited to see where Slott goes from here.

Marvel has started teasing upcoming stories and ideas for Superior Spider-Man. And if what I think might happen is actually going to happen, then I do not want to miss Superior Spider-Man. First of all, Marvel released this teaser image this week, where it appears that the Superior Spider-Man is going to be fired from the Avengers. Second, blogger Graeme McMillan theorized at Newsarama that all of this is one big Spider-Man reboot. The ‘superior’ in the name is a misnomer, and Doc Ock is actually going to be a terrible Spider-Man. So terrible, in fact, that he drags Spider-Man’s good name through the mud. For the past few years, Spider-Man has been a big hero. He’s a proud member of the Avengers, he’s helped saved the world, he’s beloved by the NYPD…but that’s not the classic hard luck Spider-Man we all know and love.

Where’s the Spider-Man who can’t catch a break? Who’s hated by the people of New York even though he’s just trying to do good?

Dan Slott is bringing him back.

Join me after the jump for a full synopsis and more review, and learn the last page surprise!

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