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6 Movie Ideas for the Venom Cinematic Universe

Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Remember when the movie Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out only four years ago and the SONY movie studio had all these big, amazing plans to create their own Spider-Man-centric shared universe? They wanted a Black Cat & Silver Sable movie, an Aunt May movie, a Sinister Six movie; oh boy, they were going to get themselves a big chunk of that Marvel Cinematic Universe money!

Then their movie bombed and their plans fell apart overnight.

Venom CU List 01

Let’s just all keep our hopes up

Well now they’ve got Venom coming out in a couple of months, and their desperate partnership with Marvel to rehabilitate Spider-Man has worked like gangbusters. So apparently SONY isn’t going to learn from their past mistakes. Word has it that they’re once again ramping up plans for their own cinematic universe using all of the Marvel characters they have the rights to. There are plans for a Morbius movie, a Kraven movie, a Nightwatch movie; Black Cat and Silver Sable are going to get their own separate movies, and even the name “Jackpot” has been circulated as a possible film. Do you remember Jackpot? Jeez la-frickin’-louise! Have they learned nothing?!

What makes things even worse is that SONY no longer has access to Spider-Man to center this interconnected universe around. He’s on loan to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Marvel isn’t about to taint their awesomeness with SONY’s desperation. As well they shouldn’t.

But hey! I’m a reasonable guy! And if the Venom movie is successful and he becomes the new cornerstone of SONY’s big movie plans, I have a couple of ideas for other symbiote movies they can make!

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Scream is in the Venom Movie After All!

Good news, everybody! It turns out that Scream, my favorite of the symbiotes, is in the Venom movie after all! I had no idea. The other day, when I shared the latest trailer, I complained that SONY had settled on Riot as the villain. He’s the least interesting of the five Separation Anxiety symbiotes. I suggested they use Scream, the bright yellow female symbiote. She looks damn cool.

Scream Venom Movie 02

I never understood why she wasn’t more popular

A couple things happened after I watched that trailer. First, I watched it again and saw the woman with the symbiote blade arm thing at about 1:54 in the trailer. I wasn’t sure what to make of that. I just assumed it was more symbiote craziness.

Then I saw online that that actress is Michelle Lee, who is playing Donna Diego, according to IMDB. And Donna Diego is the real name of Scream, the female symbiote.

Scream Venom Movie 01

Alas, now Scream will never be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

So how do you like them apples? My favorite symbiote is in the movie after all! I hope she’ll still be bright yellow, with badass blade hair!


New Venom Trailer At Least Show More Venom

There’s a new Venom trailer today, chock-full of so much Venom and symbiote action! Thankfully, this trailer confirms that Venom won’t only be in the final five minutes of the film, as had been rumored. Looks like the big guy is gonna be all over this movie!

I remain cautiously optimistic about Venom. On the one hand, most people have not been happy with SONY’s output. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the Amazing Spider-Man movies. So there’s a very good chance I’ll probably enjoy Venom. I’m disappointed that SONY and Marvel couldn’t work together to make Venom part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I’ll make my peace with that. There’s always sequels if the Venom movie succeeds.

For some disappointing reason, the villain of the film has been revealed as Riot, possibly the least interesting member of the five Separation Anxiety symbiotes. Out of all of those symbiotes, Riot looks the worst. He’s just a big, muscular, dark guy — exactly like Venom. Why not go with Scream and have a badass yellow female symbiote for the villain of your film? Even Lasher and Phage have unique looks.

There are rumors that Carnage will show up as a tease in the film, but that’s like when they teased Evil Sinestro at the end of the Green Lantern movie. A sequel is not guaranteed for Venom, so why save your best moves for later? I suppose that’s the risk all superbero movies must take. It worked for Batman Begins when they used the Scarecrow and saved Joker for the sequel.

Will it work for Venom? We’ll find out on Oct. 5!


We Finally Get to See Venom!

But is this all we’ll ever see of Venom? What I’m saying is, watch this new trailer for the Venom movie, coming out in October.

I think movie Venom looks pretty great. It’s an exciting transformation scene and voice. The problem is that rumors are swirling that Eddie Brock only becomes Venom in the movie’s climax, and that’s absolutely something I can believe will happen. Why pay for all that CGI through the whole movie when SONY can make a crappy Venom movie and only have him go full monster at the end? It doesn’t matter if that’s a terrible idea. Movie studios are not above making terrible ideas, especially SONY and their attempts to make a Spider-Man movieverse.

So we’ll see!


First Venom Trailer Doesn’t Convince Me That Movie is Really Happening

So the first trailer for the Venom movie arrived this morning. I have long disputed the idea that this movie was really happening. Any sort of Venom film has been in supposed pre-production for at least a decade. And the idea that Sony would push ahead with a solo Venom movie after the failure of their Amazing Spider-Man-verse seems ludicrous.

But here we are. A real trailer. I told myself that I wouldn’t believe this movie was happening until I at least saw a trailer.

And I’m still not sure a Venom movie is happening.

Can Sony not read a room? Do they not understand people’s doubts about their ability to make a standalone superhero movie? Do they not understand what we actually want to see in a Venom movie?

I understand the post-production CGI is going to take a lot of work. But why even release a teaser trailer if you don’t have a single frame of CGI Venom completed?

It is what it is, I suppose.


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