6 X-Men LEGO Sets We Need to Have

There exists only two LEGO X-Men sets. This is appalling. Once upon a time, Marvel’s CEO was royally annoyed at the X-Men because the movie rights were owned by FOX Studios, so no X-Men products were being made. But all of that is settled. Marvel and Disney own the X-Men again. So why haven’t they worked out more LEGO X-Men sets?

There’s this set and then another one with Deadpool and a helicopter

There are a ton of LEGO Marvel sets in general…but they’re starting to repeat themselves. Everything has either Spider-Man or Carnage or Venom in it. And there are only so many times you can give Spider-Man a new monster truck or helicopter before it becomes ridiculous. How many Hulkbusters does Iron Man need? How many themed motorcycles can they make? The time has come for Marvel and LEGO to embrace the wide world of the X-Men and give the people what they want!

Join me after the jump to see which X-Men LEGO sets the people (i.e. me) want!

Honorable Mention: X-Factor Investigations

Gotta mention my boy

Look, I can’t make this list without once again pointing out that Multiple Man would be a perfect LEGO mini-fig! People buy multiples of various mini-figs in order to make armies, like multiple Stormtroopers or Mandalorians or whatever else! Give us a tiny little detective’s office with a big-sized Strong Guy and a couple Multiple Men and I’ll be the happiest camper you ever did see!

6. A better Sentinel

One with a proper head, at least

Look at that picture I posted at the top of this article. That’s the one and only X-Men LEGO set ever made (except for Deadpool’s nondescript helicopter0. It’s got the Blackbird and a Sentinel…correction, it’s got tiny versions of the Blackbird and a Sentinel. Miniscule! LEGO can do so much better! Give us some full-sized Sentinels, with some meat on their bones! Make them tall and menacing, but also wickedly mechanical. We only need one per set if you make it big enough.

Mini-figs included: Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm and Rogue.

5. A better Blackbird

The X-Men never use their jetplane anymore

Give us the X-Men’s iconic fighter jet as well. I’ll grant you that they haven’t used the Blackbird in the comics in ages, but who cares? It’s still pretty darn iconic! So give us a full-sized jet that can seat several X-Men. You can throw in a mini-basketball hoop if you want to draw inspiration from the movies. This is an easy vehicle set for the X-Men.

Mini-figs included: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast and Jubilee.

4. Danger Room

It’s a classic for a reason

This set will be really fun! There’s so much you can do with the Danger Room. Give us a ton of obstacles to play with. Give us a Sentinel head. Give us the control room. Mix, match, whatever; do all sorts of things! This could be a smaller set if need be, because I suppose we don’t need much. But the freedom to create nearly anything is good freedom to have.

Mini-figs included: Wolverine, Iceman, Nightcrawler and Colossus.

3. Cerebro

The movies definitely got this right

This could be another small set. All we’d really need would be the chair set up, and perhaps the gang plank and door. That wasn’t how it looked in the comics, but I think the X-Men movies have made their Cerebro so iconic that you definitely need to match the movies on this one. But I doubt LEGO would want to build the entire round room, right?

Mini-figs included: Professor X, Emma Frost and Magneto.

2. Some kind of Brotherhood assault

Whose side is Cyclops on?!

I don’t know exactly what this will be, but I wanted a set that could include some Evil Mutants. Maybe Cape Citadel, the army base that Magneto attacked in the very first X-Men comic ever? Maybe a sewer set? Maybe some kind of bunker. Doesn’t matter. This one is about the mini-figs.

Mini-figs included: Magneto, Pyro, Wolverine and big-sized Blob and Juggernaut.

1. X-Mansion

Here it is, the granddaddy of all possible Marvel LEGO sets. You thought Avengers Tower was neat? Or the Hellicarrier? No, son. Give me the X-Mansion! Make it big, bold and beautiful! Give us the Cerebro chamber and the Danger Room inside this mansion. Give us classrooms and dormitories. Give us stuff on the grounds. Make us spend several hundred dollars to build something truly colossal and magnificent! Surely this set designs itself, right? Why isn’t LEGO already working on this?!

Mini-figs included: Professor X, Jean Grey, Angel, Kitty Pryde (with Lockheed), Storm, Gambit, Dazzler and Mystique.


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