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6 Thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming was great! Hilarious, energetic, with great characters, swell actors and some awesome superheroic action. It’s very reassuring to have a great Spider-Man move in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was wonderful in his introductory cameo in Captain America: Civil War. And I’m quite pleased to say that Marvel has continued that magic with a feature film.

Homecoming Review List 01

Movie Rating: 9/10 – Great.

I want to go see the movie in theaters again before it’s gone, though this month is jam-packed with movies. War for the Planet of the Apes, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, The Big Sick, Dunkirk; it’s a great month for movies! But I’ll try to squeeze in a bit more Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was just that damn good and fun.

Join me after the jump for my thoughts/review of Spider-Man: Homecoming! Expect full SPOILERS, so be careful!

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New Spider-Man Cast! On This Totally Random Tuesday!

Our new Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man is going to be Tom Holland! I’ve never heard of him, but apparently he’s appeared in The Impossible and Wolf Hall, which I assume are movies!

Still would have preferred Miles Morales

The next Spider-Man movie is also going to be directed by a guy named Jon Watts, who has worked on almost nothing! He’s got a movie, Cop Car, coming out soon. Maybe Marvel saw a preview and liked it? Or maybe they saw his credits working on The Onion News Network? I don’t know.

I just find it very curious that this casting was announced today, a random Tuesday at the end of June.

It’s not like anything else important was happening today…possibly involving Marvel’s biggest competitor…


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