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The New LEGO Daily Bugle is a Menace to My Wallet!

Be still my geeky heart, LEGO debuted a gigantic Daily Bugle set yesterday! This thing is a beast, with like a dozen mini-figures, multiple settings and just so much going on that the picture I’m posting does not do it justice!

Leap it in a single bound!

Go to the official LEGO site and zoom in on some of these pictures, people. This is a thing of beauty!

Of course, this massive LEGO set is also going to set a person back $300. Will I pay that much for this giant LEGO dreamscape? Maybe…I haven’t decided yet. It comes out on June 1, so I have time to mull it over. The biggest problem is that I don’t have anywhere to display it. I’ve already got LEGO models on the floor in my little apartment because I don’t have table or shelf space anymore.

But this is still beautiful! There’s a bunch of heroes, including Spider-Ham, Daredevil and Miles Morales, and a ton of villains, including most of the original Sinister Six, like Sandman, Doctor Octopus and the likes of both Venom and Carnage. They even through in some anti-heroes like Punisher, Blade and Black Cat! How neat! Plus civilians like J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson. There’s a Robbie Robertson LEGO!

Behold the fire escape!

A LEGO Marvel set this size opens up a lot of potential going forward. Marvel hasn’t done too great with LEGO in recently years…largely because Marvel doesn’t have a lot of vehicles, and they were staying away from the likes of the X-Men and Fantastic Four for a while for stupid reasons. But perhaps we’ll get a Baxter Building one of these days? I’m holding out for an X-Mansion for damn sure. There’s so much potential for good X-Men LEGO!

Here’s hoping my wallet can survive the experience!


Phil Urich in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The ne’er-do-well Phil Urich is one of my all-time favorite comic book characters, and there’s a very real chance that he now exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the TV show Daredevil. For a geek like me, this is pretty exciting news — but it might only exist in my head. I don’t have any proof, this is just an elaborate fan theory.

But who doesn’t love fan theories?

My childhood hero, ladies and gentlemen

Due to the SPOILERS nature of my theory, I’m going to save the bulk of my evidence for after the jump. Some people haven’t watched the whole season yet, and they need to be protected from this mind-blowing news. Just know that Ben Urich is a main character in Daredevil, played by Vondie Curtis-Hall. And in the comics, Ben has a nephew named Phil, who sometimes works with him at the newspaper.

Phil started out as a superhero in the 90s, taking on the identity of the Green Goblin for a short-lived series (that just so happened to serve as my gateway into comic book fandom). But most recently, Phil has been a bad guy, jumping through various goblin identities, like Hobgoblin, Goblin Knight and, most recently, the Goblin King.

I doubt we’ll ever get to see any of these identities in the movies or TV show, but now that Spider-Man is back in Marvel’s loving arms, you never know…

Anyway, join me after the jump to see my evidence that Phil Urich is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! And again, watch out for SPOILERS for Daredevil!

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