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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/2/17

Bad news, everybody! Or, well, good news for me! I’ll be on vacation this upcoming week, making my first trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida! Should be a blast! But I’ll be gone all week and won’t have time to pick up or read any comic books. So for only the second time since I started doing these weekly reviews, I’m gonna have to skip a week. Sorry!

And this week is such an odd one, since it’s a Fifth Wednesday and there aren’t many comics out — at least not many comics that I’m reading. A nice Batman Annual from Tom King easily wins Comic Book of the Week, but it’s only competition (at least on my read pile) was a Darkhawk one-shot. I had a lot of hopes for that single issue, but King’s Batman can’t be beat.

Batman Catwoman 01

True love

Not much else in comic book news on my end. No Big Events this week. But boy howdy, how about that Avengers: Infinity War trailer? More of that, please!

Comic Reviews: Batman Annual #2 and Darkhawk #51.

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Marvel Again Betting on the Idea That We Want to See Beloved Characters Killed

Have you been a fan of any of the teen superhero comics at Marvel over the past few years?

Well good news! Some of your favorite characters are going to be brutally murdered!

Behold the upcoming Marvel NOW! series Avengers Arena, which apparently exists solely to pit young teen characters into a Hunger Games-like battle royale, where writer Dennis Hopeless actually seems to brag in this interview that characters are going to be killed.

Everybody come read about the killings!

Amongst those on the killing floor are the casts of Avengers Academy and Runaways, with random appearances by Darkhawk, X-23 and Cammie from Annihilation. The story is that the villain Arcade takes 16 kids to Murder World and then sets them about killing each other. The comic will be drawn by Kev Walker.

Fuck this comic.

Seriously, fuck you, Marvel Comics, you blood-thirsty, mindless drones of corporate marketing. I didn’t read The Hunger Games, but I’m pretty sure from watching the movie that one of the underlying themes was that having children kill each other as entertainment WAS A BAD THING! If you’re going to just steal the concept, isn’t it the height of irony to then completely miss the point!?

Who reads this vomit? What kind of budding sociopath reads a comic where the major draw is that fan favorite characters are going to be brutally killed?

Whoever they are, they should just go back to strangling cats and ripping the wings off flies.

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