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Sweet Tooth is Gonna Be A TV Show

We all have dreams. Goals, perhaps. Me personally, I want to be a fiction writer. I’ve wanted to be a fiction writer since I was a young boy. These days, that dream is kind of focused around writing comics. Perhaps you’ve heard me mention Gamer Girl & Vixen before?

But here’s the thing, I kind of suck at making fiction writing happen. I’m just not doing it. I still have the dreams…but man…I dunno. Anyway, all of this is leading up to the trailer for the Sweet Tooth TV show coming out next month on Netflix.

Sweet Tooth is a comic written by Jeff Lemire for DC’s Vertigo imprint. I don’t know Jeff Lemire, though I’m fairly certain I’ve enjoyed his work in the past. I don’t know what he’s made of or what his dreams are. But man, one of his comics has been turned into a TV show for Netflix. As did Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy this past week. I haven’t read either comic or watched either show, yet. But let’s add that to the dream pile.

Someday I’m gonna write something that’s so awesome it gets optioned for a TV show on Netflix. Hopefully I don’t miss the golden age of pitching shows to Netflix with all my wanton laziness.

Sweet Tooth comes to streaming on June 4.


How About a Spooky Strange Things Teaser?

For reasons we don’t yet understand, Netflix put out a teaser trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things today. It teases an origin story for Eleven…so perhaps we’ll meet those super-powered teens from that one episode of season 3 again?

Who knows, because the trailer doesn’t tell us much, not even a release date.

But hey, I’m excited for more Stranger Things, so here’s hoping we get more Stranger Things sooner rather than later!


Go Watch The Mitchells vs. The Machines!

I’d been looking forward to this movie for a while and it lived up to all the hype and excitement! Head to Netflix as soon as you have a moment and go watch The Mitchells vs. The Machines! It’s hilarious, hugely energetic, action-packed and just a great movie.

It’s produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and has their same energy throughout. It’s also made by some of the people behind Gravity Falls. Really strong pedigree behind this film. And in a fun bit of moviemaking, this is a film that doesn’t make its characters’ unique traits the focus of the movie. The main character, Katie, is a lesbian, but it’s not the focus of the movie and it’s barely acknowledged. Likewise, the little brother is on the Autism Spectrum, but again, it’s not the point of his character. It’s not his defining trait. These are just parts of who they are and it’s really neat!

Highly recommend this movie. It’s gonna make my end-of-the-year top 10 list for sure!


Castlevania is Coming Back For More!

The fourth and final season of the awesome Castlevania cartoon is coming back to Netflix next month! This show is great. It’s madness wrapped in insanity dotted with monster explosions.

I feel like I need some kind of refresher for season 3. But the new season looks great and I can’t wait to watch. This show is as crazy as it gets. So much creativity, so much wildness, a real envelope-pushing show for weirdness. I’m confident they can bring it all together for a really solid and enjoyable finale.

We’ll find out when Castlevania comes back on May 13.


Have You Ever Heard of Shadow and Bone?

I had not until I saw this random trailer for an upcoming Netflix show this morning. As I said yesterday, it’s a really slow news week. Almost…bone dry, in terms of news! Nice. Anyway, I didn’t really have anything to post because I’m also really bad at keeping articles ready and waiting for days like today. Thankfully, I found this random trailer for an upcoming Netflix show.

Looks interesting! It also looks like every other YA adaptation every made? Young orphan girl is the chosen one and has a bunch of male suitors as she sets about going to school to master her specialness and then aiding in a revolution? Sounds about right. But it’s a slow, idle Tuesday and Shadow and Bone looks interesting enough to share.

The series comes to Netflix on April 23.


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