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TV Trailer Monday Doesn’t Have the Same Ring

It’s Monday again, like always. And I’ve got to fill the void with something. Last Monday, I have movie trailers, and Movie Trailer Monday had some good alliteration. But TV Trailer Monday doesn’t have the same ring to it. What’s up with that? What kind of clown show am I running here?

But hey, how about a trailer for the fifth and final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!

I really like this show and I’m very excited for the final season. The fourth season was an interesting one, and it ended on a really strong note. And I think the promise is there to go out in a really special way. At least I hope so. Trailer looks OK, at least. The final season comes to Amazon Prime on April 14.

Next up is the trailer for the second season of Sweet Tooth on Netflix. I enjoyed the first season and am definitely looking forward to a second.

Is it the final season? Considering how Netflix runs, probably. Hopefully it ends well too, when it’s suddenly cancelled between seasons. A cliffhanger would be a real bummer. But the action looks good, the stakes look raised, and everything seems quality to me. So my hopes are up.

Sweet Tooth returns on April 27.


Aggretsuko is On It’s Way Back!

Aggretsuko is coming back for it’s fifth and final season on Netfix in a couple of weeks! It’s a fun cartoon, and I have high hopes that it will go out with a strong season.

Is Retsuko running for office? That’s an interesting choice. And we’ll find out if there’s any relationship hope between Retsuko and Haida. Honestly, I was for them in the beginning, but they went too far with the will they/won’t they stuff for my tastes. Haida had a good thing with that one girl! Ah well, I guess we’ll find out.

Aggretsuko returns on Feb. 16.


Check Out Lockwood & Co. on Netflix

There’s a new TV show coming to Netflix today called Lockwood & Co. It’s created and showrun by Joe Cornish, the genius behind the Attack the Block movie, which I love. That is more than enough to get me to watch. But this trailer is also really good. It’s about some young ghost busters who use swords to fight the supernatural.

Apparently, this is based on a book series, so that’s neat. Yay books! But I’m really looking forward to this new show. I’ve been needing a new show to watch, and I think Lockwood & Co. will be it. You can all watch as well and let me know what you thought. Should be fun.


Hopefully The Witcher: Blood Origin Will Be A Good Show

Even after losing star Henry Cavill from the main Witcher show, Netflix is full steam ahead on more Witcher content. We had that one cartoon — Nightmare of the Wolf, which was great — and we’ve got a third season coming out soon enough. Now next up we will get another live action show, The Witcher: Blood Origin. Looks pretty neat.

It also looks like half House of the Dragon/half Andor. A prequel series that’s about fighting a fascist empire? Throw in a little Lord of the Rings with that fellowship of various fantasy races and you’ve got quite the show on your hands. It could be good. I know I’ll be watching, because why not?

The Witcher: Blood Origin comes out on Christmas Day…though I probably won’t watch it right then.


Random Movie Trailer Monday: Troll

So it’s a random Monday. I’m out of town, but didn’t want to not post anything. So how about sharing this random movie trailer for last week? It’s Troll, coming to Netflix. Looks like a pretty solid monster movie. I wonder if it’s going to be anything like Trollhunter from 2010. That was a fun one!

Yeah, Troll looks like fun. CGI looks good, the B-movie aspects look perfect. Should be a fun watch. Especially since it’s just going to Netflix, and that’ll be an easy watch.

Troll comes out on Dec. 1.


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