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So, Masters of the Universe: Revelation Looks Great!

I missed posting the first trailer when it came out a couple weeks ago, but thankfully we’ve got a new trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation so I now have an excuse to post them both! Behold the epic fantasy of the latest He-Man cartoon relaunch!

It looks great! It looks action-packed and dripping in lore and mythology. It looks like people took some real time and effort to plot out and plan how to bring back He-Man with some oomph. That sounds good to me.

I was a big He-Man fan when I was a kid. It was definitely part of my 80s childhood rotation of Ninja Turtles/G.I. Joe/Transformers and more. So I’m all in favor of this cartoon. I’m still a little disappointed that He-Man never had a guest appearance on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, but time will heal that wound.

If Masters of the Universe: Revelation has even a fraction of the storytelling prowess of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power then we are in for a good time!

He-Man returns, on Netflix, on July 23.


Centaurworld Looks to Blow Some Minds

I’m always on the lookout for new cartoons to enjoy. BoJack Horseman, Steven Universe, Adventure Time and She-Ra and the Princess of Power are over. I’ve got to move on. And I’m moving directly into Centaurworld, possibly the weirdest, wildest new show we’re going to get this year.

That looks spectacular. It looks insane and weird and creative and hopefully perfect. The creator said she based the show off her own experiences in college, coming in as someone focused on her studies who randomly joined a musical theater club and had her life changed forever. That sounds neat! And it definitely looks reflected in that trailer. I can’t wait to see what this show is all about.

Centaurworld arrives on Netflix on July 30.


You So Silly, America

Well this looks neat. A new Netflix animated comedy movie about the “true” story of America’s birth. It’s America: The Motion Picture and it looks both silly and great.

Made by the guy behind Archer, with Phil Lord and Chris Miller on as producers, this looks like a hoot and a half! We’ve got Channing Tatum as George Washington, Olivia Munn as Thomas Edison, and this looks to be a crazy romp of sarcastic patriotism. I hope we can still laugh about such a thing.

America: The Motion Picture arrives on Netflix on June 30.


Sweet Tooth is Gonna Be A TV Show

We all have dreams. Goals, perhaps. Me personally, I want to be a fiction writer. I’ve wanted to be a fiction writer since I was a young boy. These days, that dream is kind of focused around writing comics. Perhaps you’ve heard me mention Gamer Girl & Vixen before?

But here’s the thing, I kind of suck at making fiction writing happen. I’m just not doing it. I still have the dreams…but man…I dunno. Anyway, all of this is leading up to the trailer for the Sweet Tooth TV show coming out next month on Netflix.

Sweet Tooth is a comic written by Jeff Lemire for DC’s Vertigo imprint. I don’t know Jeff Lemire, though I’m fairly certain I’ve enjoyed his work in the past. I don’t know what he’s made of or what his dreams are. But man, one of his comics has been turned into a TV show for Netflix. As did Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy this past week. I haven’t read either comic or watched either show, yet. But let’s add that to the dream pile.

Someday I’m gonna write something that’s so awesome it gets optioned for a TV show on Netflix. Hopefully I don’t miss the golden age of pitching shows to Netflix with all my wanton laziness.

Sweet Tooth comes to streaming on June 4.


How About a Spooky Strange Things Teaser?

For reasons we don’t yet understand, Netflix put out a teaser trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things today. It teases an origin story for Eleven…so perhaps we’ll meet those super-powered teens from that one episode of season 3 again?

Who knows, because the trailer doesn’t tell us much, not even a release date.

But hey, I’m excited for more Stranger Things, so here’s hoping we get more Stranger Things sooner rather than later!


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