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The Netflix Resident Evil Show At Least Has Zombies

I was a big Resident Evil fan back at the beginning, in my childhood Playstation 1 years. I enjoyed the games so much I sought out and read some tie-in novels, and some novel adaptations of the early games. I dunno. I was just that kind of kid.

I never got into the Resident Evil movies, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them all. And I skipped watching that Welcome to Raccoon City movie last year because I heard it was terrible. Suffice to say, I like the lore and characters of Resident Evil, but nobody is really adapting that just right.

And it looks like they’re going to miss the mark again with the upcoming Netflix TV show.

Those two trailers look fine, but it also looks like they’re just taking the zombies, some specific monsters and the Umbrella Corporation and tying them to a completely different story and group of characters. Is that what we want? Is that what any of us want?

Just give me a faithful Resident Evil 2 adaptation complete with Leon, Claire, Hunk and then a Resident Evil 3 with Jill Valentine subplot. Those two games took place at largely the same time, right?

Look at how much success Disney is having with Star Wars shows that give fans what they want!

Anyway, Resident Evil comes to Netflix on July 14. Some of us will watch it that weekend and then nobody will ever talk about it again, because that’s what has becoming of the binging model.


More Pacific Rim: Black, If That’s Your Thing

Did you know that Netflix has a cartoon set in the Pacific Rim universe? They do! And the first season was pretty good, if I remember correctly. Definitely worth a watch. Especially since a second season is coming.

I definitely remember enjoying the first season. The animation on the Jaegers is definitely cool. Though there’s zero connection to the movies. This might even take place years after the movies? I don’t quite remember. But a trailer is a trailer, especially on a Monday like this one.

Pacific Rim: Black returns for season 2 on April 19.


Huh, There’s Still More Disenchantment

Disenchantment is a weird show. I want to like it, because it’s Matt Groening. But every time I watch a season, it averages out to just be mediocre. But then a bunch of time passes and we get a trailer for a new season, and I’m excited again.

Season 4 is on the way and it looks cool! But I barely remember what happened in Season 3, let alone the finale. I don’t remember where the story is or any of the character development. And I’m pretty sure this season is also going to be mediocre. But hey, why not watch?

The new season of Disenchantment arrives on Netflix on Feb. 9.


Cuphead is Getting a Cartoon!

I’ve never played the Cuphead video game. It had its day a while back, but I’m not into playing punishing video games. Just not my cup of tea. But the look the game has inspired Netflix to order up a whole season of cartoon shenanigans!

I’m always looking for new things to watch, so I’ll probably give this a shot. A crazy parody of classic, early 1900s animation? I am totally down for that madness.

The Cuphead Show comes to Netflix on Feb. 18.


Centaurworld and He-Man Are Coming Back!

I am a big fan of cartoons. And we live in a day and age where there are just a metric ton of fun new cartoons coming out every day. I recently finished the first season of Inside Job on Netflix. Have you heard of that one? I’m pretty sure it flew entirely under the radar. But I watched both that and Chicago Party Aunt this fall, both of which are pretty watchable. We are surely living in a post-Rick and Morty cartoon world.

At any rate, all of this build up is to share two fun trailers for upcoming second seasons. First up is Masters of the Universe: Revelations, the follow up to that apparently controversial first season, because the internet breeds nothing but contempt. I liked the first season, and I look forward to the second.

For one thing, that trailer had an appropriate amount of Ram-Man. Season 2 arrives on Nov. 23, so basically a week from now. That’s pretty cool!

Second, we’ve got the trailer for the second season of Centaurworld, which is great, because I didn’t know it was getting a second season. Centaurworld flew so far under the radar that I was really excited about watching it…and yet I still forgot it existed for at least two months. But then I did watch it and I did enjoy it!

Centaurworld season 2 arrives on Dec. 7! So you’ve got plenty of time to watch the first season to be all caught up. We’ve got some great cartoons and shows ahead of us through the end of the year!


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