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The Rings of Power Hasn’t Hooked Me Yet

There’s going to be a big, expensive Lord of the Rings TV show. It’s going to be set millennia before the movies, focusing on some supplemental material from J.R.R. Tolkien. It’s going to be called The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime, and it’s going to look like this.

And I don’t think it looks like anything. This trailer looks gorgeous. Clearly the money was spent on big CGI landscapes. Because all the character scenes look far less expensive. And none of them are talking about anything interesting. It all looks really cool. But this trailer doesn’t reveal anything about plot or story or characters that gets me excited.

It looks like Amazon put all of their money into making this big show, but have probably failed to come up with any sort of story worth telling.

I hope I’m wrong, obviously. I’m going to watch this show. There’s no reason the showrunners and writers can’t have come up with something really great, that just so happens to have billion-dollar CGI landscapes.

So I’m going to keep my hopes up for when The Rings of Power premieres on Sept. 2!


How Far is the Paper Girls TV Show Gonna Go?

Paper Dolls is becoming a TV show on Amazon Prime later this month! It’s a really cool comic, but it’s also a really wild and weird comic. Writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Cliff Chiang go balls to the wall in terms of crazy time travel and sci-fi shenanigans.

Will the show be able to match that stuff?

We had a teaser trailer last week, and this full trailer doesn’t fill me with too much confidence. It grounds the whole thing in the part where young Erin meets adult Erin, because that’s understandable. But that stuff is only a small part of the madness to come. Will we get that madness? Are they saving it for a season 2, in the hopes that they get a season 2? I guess we’ll find out! But this first full trailer plays things a little too safe for my tastes.

Paper Girls arrives on Amazon Prime on July 29!


The Paper Girls TV Show is Coming!

Have you ever read the comic Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang? I have, and that thing is a trip! It’s a weird time-traveling, reality-bending adventure for a crew of four paper delivery girls from the 1980s. And it’s getting a TV show on Amazon Prime!

This teaser only hints at the insanity to come from this story, and I hope the show really does it all justice. Though a lot of comic book adaptations these days change a lot of the story, so we’ll see. I have no doubt that TV CGI effects can handle everything the Paper Girls comic has to offer. So we’ll see! I’m excited and can’t wait to watch.

Paper Girls comes to Prime on July 29.


The Boys Season 3 is Gonna Be Lit

I said it and I’m not gonna take it back. I’m unstoppable. But yeah, that’s my way of introducing this full trailer for the third season of The Boys on Amazon Prime. It looks great!

The Boys is a super fun show, as it was a super fun comic. They recently had that Diabolical cartoon series, which was a lot of fun and you should definitely watch. And you should definitely watch season 3, because, as I’ve heard, it’s gonna be lit.

The Boys returns on June 3!


The Boys Are Coming Back to Town!

That’s how those lyrics go, right? Anyway, I’m back from my trip, my sister had a lovely wedding, and now I have to go back to work. Ugh. But before that, let’s enjoy the first teaser trailer for the third season of The Boys!

Loved the comic, love this show, and The Boys only promises to get crazier and more fun as we go forward. This is a great trailer, showing just some major insanity without the need for even a shred of dialogue. Perfect!

Also, I still need to watch Diabolical…

Season 3 of The Boys arrives on June 3!


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