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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 10/12/19

What a great week for comics! I love a week where my favorites all come out at the same time, like Squirrel Girl, Wonder Twins and Go Go Power Rangers! To say nothing of more Gwenpool and the start of a nifty new Doctor Doom comic!

Comic Book of the Week goes, once again, to the big Powers of X/House of X series. The issue itself is really enjoyable, and the way it caps everything off and creates even more promise for the future is phenomenal. This has been a weird relaunch, but an exciting one!

Xavier Lose 01

Don’t look so sad about it

Meanwhile, Event Leviathan is still really good. I’m rather excited about the potential going forward…but I don’t know if this whole event will get wrapped up in the next issue, or if this is indeed the start of a whole new status quo for DC Comics. I suppose we’ll find out! And I’ll probably be fine with either.

Comic Reviews: Doctor Doom #1, Go Go Power Rangers #24, Gwenpool Strikes Back #3, Powers of X #6, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #49 and Wonder Twins #8.

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A Tale of Two Prowlers

A problem eight years in the making has finally arrived: Marvel now has two competing, nearly identical, and yet completely unrelated Prowlers kicking around New York City. It’s a weird problem, and I think Marvel has come up with a simple fix. Being one of the internet’s foremost Prowler fans, I felt compelled to point this out to everybody.

Marvel has offered various workarounds for awhile, but based on the current storyline in Miles Morales: Spider-Man, they’re apparently just going to barrel on through.

Miles’ uncle, Aaron Davis, is once again calling himself the Prowler.

Two Prowlers 10

Even though the original Prowler, Hobie Brown, is still around and working with Spider-Man.

Two Prowlers 11

Apparently that purple and green look is too good to pass up! These two images came from two different comics released the exact same day back in August. It was the most Prowler-heavy week in comics in years.

This is what happens when you crash universes together. It’s not a safe practice for anybody.

So how did we get here and where do we go from here? I’m glad you asked! Join me after the jump for A Tale of Two Prowlers.

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6 Thoughts on Joker

I am 100% in favor of DC Comics and Warner Bros. breaking away from the Marvel Moviemaking Mold and going in their own direction. I’m all in favor of them doing stand alone, psychological movies or stand alone comedies or stand alone superhero movies. As long as they keep putting out good, solid movies, I’ll probably be happy. But considering that it’s DC and Warner Bros., there’s always the chance they’ll put out a movie I don’t like — which brings us to Joker.

Joker Review List 01

Movie Rating: 5/10 – Alright.

My movie reviews are 100% subjective. I’m not a film critic. I didn’t study film. I couldn’t tell you anything about cinematography and how it effects whatever. I watch movies to be entertained and enjoy a good story and performances. That’s how I judge movies, and it’s entirely on me. And with that in mind, Joker is not my kind of movie. It’s not what I’m looking for, it’s not something I enjoyed. I just didn’t like Joker, but I can recognize that it was a well-made film that successfully gets its message across.

Join me after the jump for my full thoughts on why I didn’t like it, but still understand it!

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Rick and Morty is Coming Back!

I’m a big fan of Rick and Morty — but not that big of a fan. I’m not that guy. It’s a really well-written, fun, and funny show, and it’s coming back next month!

I’m also heavily invested in the ongoing conspiracy storyline. My theory: the evil Morty is Rick’s original Morty, who he left for dead at some point and then went off and found a new universe/Morty to live with. This explains why Beth was so surprised when Rick suddenly and randomly returned to her life.

The new season — or at least five episodes of the new season — return on Nov. 10.


Kamala Khan is Definitely Going to Star in the Avengers Video Game

We guessed this when the first trailers came out, but the upcoming Avengers video game is going to star Kamala Khan! That’s great! Though this first footage of her gameplay still makes me think this game is going to be totally on rails.

The cut scene animations, story and character acting all seem great, though. As excited as I am for a good Avengers game, especially one starring Ms. Marvel, I’m probably going to wait for the reviews on this one. This game could have all the polish in the world, but still be boring if you’re just doing what the game tells you to do at all times.

We’ll see. The Avengers game comes out on May 15.


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