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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 8/1/20

Another week, another pile of enjoyable comics, proving that some aspects of life can get back to some semblance of normal. It’s good to have comics again. We’ve got nice issues of Power Rangers, Legion of Super-Heroes and even X-Men, kind of.

Comic Book of the Week goes to the first issue of X-Factor, possibly because I’m attached to the comic name, even if Multiple Man doesn’t appear in the issue at all. We do get Leah Williams writing the Blob again though! And an actually entertaining Daken!

Be prepared to legitimately enjoy Daken in a comic

Meanwhile, I’ve finally started my reread of the classic Milligan/Allred run on X-Force/X-Statix! I bought the first compendium volume and it is easily holding up after all these years. This comic was so insanely ahead of its time! I can’t even imagine how X-Statix would deal with Twitter.

Comic Reviews: Empyre #3, Legion of Super-Heroes #7, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #52, X-Factor #1 and X-Men #10.

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This Chalk Warfare Video is About as Cool as Anything Can Get

Holy cow! There are some really creative, really talented people out there, and the ones at SoKrispyMedia have produced a hugely entertaining SFX video about warfare with chalk art! Check it out!

How cool was that? The art, the special effects, the comedy, the storylines, the callbacks, the pop culture references; this thing is a treasure! I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did!


One of My X-Men Wishes Came True!

The great thing about Dawn of X is that every single mutant character that ever existed has a chance of showing up in the pages of an X-Men comic. For a fan of obscure mutants, that makes every new issue out of the X-Men franchise a game of Where’s Waldo, in the hopes that some random Z-list favorite of mine will show up.

And one has! And he was on my list! A couple months ago, as Krakoa was really getting started, a did a List of Six for obscure mutants I hoped to see on Krakoa. This week’s Cable #2 brought forth one of those characters: Paulie Provenzano!

When they move to Krakoa, Paulie can do the Crucible!

Turns out, Paulie — known here by his mutant name “Omerta” — is the father of the first mutant baby born. He’s partners with Stinger, another obscure Z-list mutant who was mentioned in another comic as being the first mutant to give birth. So mazeltov!

You can follow my earlier link for the scoop on who Omerta even is. He was an X-Man for a single storyline, and mostly served as a jackass homophobe who learned an important lesson about acceptance from Northstar. That storyline was one of my earliest attempts to start reading X-Men on a regular basis, so Paulie stuck with me for some reason.

Now to use my mutant-summoning powers for good! Bring forth the rest of my list! Where is Lacuna?! What about Abyss? Perhaps even…Shortpack!!


My 6 Favorite Fantasy Races

Hey everybody! Do you ever get several months into a seemingly never-ending global pandemic, where you work from home every single day and life and work and fun all blend together in yet another seemingly never-ending cacophony of horrible drudgery? No? Me neither! So here’s a quickie list I slapped together just last night because I couldn’t really feel anything this week. Let’s talk about fantasy races!

Be prepared for a lot of Warcraft artwork

I heard a couple weeks ago that the people behind Dungeons & Dragons are going to get rid of the idea of inherently “evil” races, so that makes this list somewhat topical. I hope. And if not, whatever, this is fun stuff to talk about. But the thing about me is that I never played Dungeons & Dragons to begin with, and I never read J.R.R. Tolkien. So my thoughts on fantasy races come from a mish-mash of video games like Warcraft, the Lord of the Rings movies and maybe some Harry Potter thrown in for no particular reason? I’m also hoping this makes for a more interesting list than some academic study of fantasy races and their deeper themes and meanings. I just like’em cause they’re cool in that game I played!

I shoulda paid scalper prices for that Nintendo Switch

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The Star Wars Prequels Can Be Fun!

YouTuber Imperator Cuts has worked his magic again on the Star Wars Prequels, editing The Phantom Menace into a Guardians of the Galaxy-style super fun trailer!

That was a hoot and a half! He did the same thing with The Clone Wars a couple weeks…months?…ago, and it’s also fun to watch. Seriously, this is the best stuff to lighten up your probably horrible Tuesday!


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