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6 Other Transformers Who Need to be LEGO

The LEGO Optimus Prime was released today and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. This is a set that’s existed in my wildest dreams, something I mentioned in a LEGO want list years ago. A LEGO Transformer that actually transforms? The future is now!

You will be mine

But Optimus Prime should just be the start. I don’t see why LEGO can’t do a whole line of these Transformers. It’s going to cost some money for the licensing, but this is a world we all want to inhabit. And I just so happen to have a list of Transformers I’d like to see turned into LEGO. Is this also a list of my favorite Transformers? Yeah, maybe.

Join me after the jump for six Transformers that need to follow Optimus Prime in getting big, fancy, fully transformable LEGO sets!

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Hold All the Horses, LEGO Has Made a Transforming Optimus Prime

Those mad geniuses at LEGO have pulled off another miracle. They’re producing an Optimus Prime LEGO set that fully transforms from robot to truck. And not by disassembling the model and rebuilding it. They found a way transform him without taking anything apart; and it’s similar to the original toy transformation as well!

Roll freakin’ out!

Oh man, what a joy to behold. You can check out more pictures and information at the official LEGO site. I’m buying this baby as soon as I can — and I already just spent a bunch of money on that LEGO Tallneck from Horizon Forbidden West! C’mon, LEGO! Cut me some slack!

But yeah, this baby looks gorgeous. The detail is fine, the cool factor is through the roof and the fact that it can transform is unbelievable. Some knock-off brick brand made Transformers a couple of years ago. And here comes LEGO to show them how it’s really done.

LEGO Optimus Prime comes out on June 1, only a couple of weeks away. I’ll be out of town on that day, so I’ll have to hope I can snag a copy sometime later. The whole thing is going to cost $170, which is fine by me. Just give me transforming LEGO Optimus Prime!


I Demand More Dinobots!

Considering the mess that Transformers 4: Age of Extinction is probably going to be, why can’t Michael Bay just promise us a ton of Dinobot action? Like, can they just show up mid-way through the movie and rampage over everybody, good and evil, until the day is saved?

Why do we even need Mark Wahlberg?

And when I say ‘Dinobots’, I don’t just mean Grimlock, who features heavily in this trailer. I want to see the whole gang! I want to see Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop wrecking all manner of stuff. If we don’t get at least one robotic, transforming stegosaurus in this film, then what’s the point?

Though I suppose I will settle for the fact that John Goodman will be voicing one of the new Transformers. I am so into that.

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