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Star Wars: Rebels Coming to An End

Star Wars: Rebels has grown on me over the years, so I’m a little sad that next fall’s fourth season will be it’s last.

But hey, we all knew this couldn’t last forever. There couldn’t still be Jedi hanging around when Luke Skywalker arrives on the scene. So is the fourth season gonna get really dark? Will we see the Battle of Scarif from the Rebels’ perspective? Will Ahsoka return?

Guess we’re gonna find out!



I Love the Star Wars: Rebels Easter Eggs in Rogue One

Though I didn’t notice them when I first saw Rogue One in theaters, apparently there are a ton of Star Wars: Rebels Easter Eggs throughout the movie. Fortunately, the good people at Entertainment Weekly have been nice enough to post official screenshots showing off the Ghost and that stupid Chopper astromech.

I think this is an amazing idea.

What scum and villainy!

What scum and villainy!

I have heard some critics deride the idea that Rogue One is just a glorified fan film. That all they have to do is feed us the classic Star Wars iconography and we’ll greedily lap it up like good little puppy dogs. To Hell with that line of thinking!

We live in a world of franchises. Be they Ninja Turtles, Marvel superheroes, Transformers or Star Wars, this is where we get our pop culture awesomeness. And if we’re a fan of said franchises, I see absolutely nothing wrong with embracing and enjoying when those franchises are celebrated. I loved Rogue One, in large part because it was an exciting and well made Star Wars movie. There is no harm or shame in taking X-Wing fighters and lightsabers and making a hugely fun and entertaining movie.

Or a cartoon show. And there’s especially no shame in uniting them to build an even bigger connected universe. In fact, I think that idea is beyond amazing.

If you don’t know, Star Wars: Rebels is the current Star Wars cartoon coming out of Disney about a gang of rebel fighters near the start of the rebellion, set about 3 or 5 years before Rogue One and A New Hope. It’s an OK cartoon. I’m not a devout fan or anything, but I like watching.

Somewhere along the line, the people making Star Wars stuff these days realized that the cast of Rebels would reasonably have some kind of connection to the events of Rogue One. They’re set a few years apart, but unless everybody in Rebels dies a horrible death at the end of the series, some of them might still be around in time for Rogue One.

And sure enough, they were!

This is a picture of the Ghost, the Rebels’ signature ship.

It doesn't look like a ghost

It doesn’t look like a ghost

And here you can see the Ghost parked at Yavin 4 during Rogue One.

Right there on the far left

Right there on the far left

There are also shots of the Ghost with the rest of the Rebel fleet above Scarif in the movie’s climax.

And in this movie screenshot, you can see the Rebels’ droid, Chopper, on the far left.

Also on the left

Also on the left

Elsewhere in the movie, you can hear an announcement paging a “General Syndulla”. The masterminds behind the cartoon have since confirmed that the announcement is referencing the Rebels character Hera Syndulla. Apparently she gets a promotion to general by the time Rogue One comes around. Good for her.

All Star Wars movies need a badass twi'lek space pilot

All Star Wars movies need a badass twi’lek space pilot

So what we have here is a crossover of epic proportions, and I am thrilled. At no point did Rogue One have to acknowledge Rebels. Even though it’s the same franchise, and the two are both being produced by Disney at the same time, there was no need to put Rebels Easter Eggs into Rogue One. Nobody would really notice them, and non-fans wouldn’t care.

But just the fact that Star Wars went this extra step speaks volumes. They care about creating a bigger, connected universe in their properties. They take this seriously. And as a super fan, I appreciate that sort of thing. I love the idea of cross-platform crossovers, like tie-in comics to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And remember that Matrix video game that supposedly took place simultaneously to the sequels? That game/concept was great (if a little wonky)!

Star Wars is a fun franchise and there is nothing wrong with making more Star Wars movies starring classic Star Wars characters, weapons and vehicles. And if the people making those movies want to go the extra step and add crossovers with other Star Wars properties, that is the ultimate icing on the best tasting cake ever.

Also, this totally makes me more interested in Rebels, so that’s a win-win for everybody involved. I can’t wait to see them do the Battle of Scarif from the Rebels’ perspective!


Here’s Some Star Wars Stuff to Enjoy

Did you hear they’re making another Star Wars?

So the big Star Wars Celebration event went down in England over the weekend, with all manner of cool news from the new season of Rebels and the upcoming film, Rogue One. Obviously, I didn’t attend, but the Internet is always on the up and up about this sort of thing. We can enjoy the fruits of Celebration without having to actually go!

For example, here’s the new trailer for Star Wars: Rebels season 3! It’s a fine show. Nothing spectacular. Though I did enjoy the season 2 finale.

And while they haven’t released the new trailer for Rogue One just yet, here’s a nifty behind the scenes semi-trailer they put out.

Looks like a quality adventure! Here’s hoping Star Wars continues to be awesome and enjoyable in the years ahead.


Star Wars Rebels Looks Fine, I Guess

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels cartoon, though it’s pretty much just an extended version of the last trailer. Still, it’s got Obi-Wan Kenobi in it, so that makes this trailer better by default.

I’m still very hesitant about this show. I finished watching Clone Wars a few weeks ago, and while that show was fun, it wasn’t the best thing since sliced bread. I also rewatched the original Star Wars trilogy a few weeks ago, and those movies really are surprisingly good films. I don’t think I’d seen them in years, but sitting down and watching them back-to-back was a real treat.

At any rate, this new Rebels cartoon looks to be about as cliche as you’d expect. It’s got the Luke character, it’s got the Han and Chewie characters, it’s got its own Darth Vader, and it’s even got its own R2-D2. And do they really want to put a Jedi into the Rebellion from the very beginning? Why wouldn’t you want to keep Luke Skywalker as the only Jedi in the Rebellion, who comes along at a time when they need him most? But that’s just my opinion. If you guys and gals are going ga-ga for Rebels, by all means!

Why Don’t They Just Use Darth Vader?

With yesterday being the Fourth of May, the fine folks at Star Wars released the first trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels cartoon. I was probably unnecessarily mean towards Rebels in a recent article, so why don’t we check out the trailer and decide for ourselves?

Eh, I’m not convinced. I’ve been catching up on Star Wars: Clone Wars recently, the show that was cancelled to make way for this one. Clone Wars is good, and stars popular characters. Whereas I keep feeling like Rebels is a made-by-committee Star Wars show. All of the characters are carefully crafted into perfect cliches. And they don’t even use Darth Vader as the villain! The show takes place in the time period where Darth Vader is active, arguably the greatest super-villain in the history of fiction, but they don’t want to use him? What sort of sense does that make?!

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