Our First Look at the Ahsoka TV Show!

This is a welcome surprise! There was a big Star Wars Celebration event last night or today or something, and all sorts of Star Wars news is hitting the internet today. Like, Daisy Ridley is going to return as Rey for a new movie where she reforms the Jedi Order?! Wild! And here we’ve got a full trailer for the Ahsoka TV show, which is coming out in August!

Wowzers! Not only do we get more Ahsoka, but they just drop the live action debuts of Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren just like that! With a bit of Ezra and Thrawn to boot! And some orange-bladed lightsaber bad guys, one of whom is Ray freakin’ Stevenson?!

Fanboy giddiness aside, this trailer didn’t do too much for me. It all looks cool, sure. But what really makes it stand apart from anything else that has featured a Jedi hero taking on some red-hued lightsaber bad guys? It’s a bunch of general Star Wars action. And all of it is undercut by the sequel trilogy set after this, since we know where it’s all going to lead, and that’s nowhere fun. But I suppose I have some amount of faith that they can pull this off. Or maybe I’ll just have to be happy that we get an Ahsoka show with live action Rebels.

I did put together a List of Six not too long ago about things I want to see in this Ahsoka show. Let’s see if any pan out.



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