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New Pixar Film Dives Into Urban Fantasy

I really enjoy the Urban Fantasy trope — the idea of taking all those classic elements like elves, dragons, unicorns and more and putting them in a modern setting. The new film is Onward, about two elf brothers on a quest!

Looks neat to me! I think we’re past the age where Pixar movies are all wonderful works of art and are now just traditional animated films, but whatever. Should still be fun and well-made.



Realistic Computer-Animated Animal Technology is Really Good These Days

A couple new movie trailers arrived yesterday to wow us with how cool animals look in CGI these days! Animals and Pokemon!

Oh man, look how cool those Pokemon are! I’m pretty sure that trailer only exists because the world has gone crazy for the Detective Pikachu critters! I know I have. And those are some real greats buried in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-them montage. All this movie has to do to advertise is show more of the Pokemon!

And all the live action Lion King remake has to do is exist, honestly. Just show the animals and play the classic songs and scenes and you’ve got yourself a trailer!

Looks great! I really enjoyed the live action Jungle Book, so I have high hopes for this film. Dumbo was a dud, but the Lion King has hope.

Though am I the only one disappointed that Scar isn’t a different color? I realize his cartoon color probably wasn’t natural for lions, but he looks too…normal in this trailer.


Temptation Comes for Woody Again in Toy Story 4

Man, Woody really has a hard time learning his lesson, doesn’t he? How many times is Woody going to be tempted into settling for a life beyond belonging to his chosen child? And how many times is he going to go back to that child?

At least once more, it seems. Here comes Toy Story 4!

I like the Toy Story films as much as the next person, but it’s OK to let a good thing come to an end at the appropriate time. What’s the driving story this time? That Woody has to be tempted by life in a carnival? Instead of in a museum or in a daycare? What the heck would Woody even do in a carnival?

Not to mention all the weird existential questions that arise from the introduction of Forky. The Toy Story universe doesn’t need any more existential questions!


I’m Not Feeling the Aladdin Trailer

I’m not digging it. The first full Aladdin live action trailer came out yesterday, and I just…I dunno, it seems too busy. Obviously there’s a lot of style and pizzazz and stuff. It all makes sense. But it looks too…I dunno. Tacky? Gaudy? Perhaps it’s just not my style of design aesthetic.

What do you think? The cartoon Aladdin is one of the best. Can this live action one live up to that energy? Also, for the record, I have zero problems with the Will Smith genie. Looks fine to me.


But Where is Magic Carpet?

For reasons that are probably insane, my favorite character in Aladdin was Magic Carpet. I like sidekicks and supporting characters, especially sentient vehicle sidekicks. We can blame Benny the Cab for that.

But where is he in the new Aladdin live action trailer?

Everybody’s talking about Will Smith as the blue Genie, but he looks and acts exactly like Will Smith as a blue Genie. I want more Magic Carpet!

Oh wait, I just re-watched the trailer before posting this. We do see him in the background in the Genie reveal scene. Alright then, I’m satisfied. Go about your business.


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