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But Where is Magic Carpet?

For reasons that are probably insane, my favorite character in Aladdin was Magic Carpet. I like sidekicks and supporting characters, especially sentient vehicle sidekicks. We can blame Benny the Cab for that.

But where is he in the new Aladdin live action trailer?

Everybody’s talking about Will Smith as the blue Genie, but he looks and acts exactly like Will Smith as a blue Genie. I want more Magic Carpet!

Oh wait, I just re-watched the trailer before posting this. We do see him in the background in the Genie reveal scene. Alright then, I’m satisfied. Go about your business.



The Live Action Lion Thing is Going to Be a Thing!

I guess we can’t really call it ‘live action’, considering there won’t be any people and it’s all animated. So…the realistically animated Lion King? Yeah, that sounds good. Teaser trailer incoming!

Looks neat! It’s just a teaser trailer, so we didn’t get to see everybody. But the animation looks pretty amazing!


How About Another Incredibles 2 Video?

Incredibles 2 comes out on DVD…soon? Maybe earlier this week. I dunno. I haven’t bought a DVD in years. I’m full-on 21st century, people! Either way, all my favorite video parodies are doing Incredibles 2 this week, so how about the Honest Trailer?

Yeah, makes a ton of good points. I was not super impressed with Incredibles 2. But there’s no doubt we’re getting a third one at this point. Bring it on, I say! Who doesn’t like to spend time in this universe?


6 Characters I Want to See on DuckTales

The first season of the new DuckTales cartoon has come and gone, but that’s not going to stop me from wildly speculating and gesticulating about what I want to happen next. I’ve been pretty vocal about my hopes and dreams for the Expanded Disney Cartoon Universe. With today’s List of Six, I’m going to solidify those hopes and dreams even more!

Ducktales Character List 01

Season 2 premieres Oct. 20!

The first season of the new DuckTales was chockfull of cameo characters. We had Gladstone Gander, Doofus Drake, Goldie O’Gilt and more classic characters getting new, rebooted appearances. As a fan of classic Disney and duck-related cartoons, this was a real treat…and there are so many more options for season 2!

Join me after the jump for the classic Disney and DuckTales characters I want to see in future seasons of the new show! And share your own hopes and dreams in the comments!

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I Feel Personally Attacked

Between Christopher Robin and now Mary Poppins Returns, Disney appears to be trying to make some kind of statement about adult male arrested development. Like, both movies, released the same exact year, are about men who believed in magic and fun in their youth, but have since grown up into hard, depressed middle age. And only the return of their magical influence can snap them out of it.

Like…is that me? Should I be taking this personally?

I don’t think I’m living a hard, depressed life now that I’m roughly middle-aged. I don’t have kids, so maybe that’s it. I’d like to think I was a child who believed in magic and make believe, but am now forced to confront the realities of adulthood and a true lack of magic in the world. Should I be searching for that magical influence from my youth to help me reconnect and open back up as a human being? Did building LEGO Voltron not count for that?

Just tell me what I’m supposed to do, Disney! I’m listening!


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