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This is Some Good Joker Parody by SNL

I don’t watch Saturday Night Live, haven’t for at least a decade. But like most comedy these days, a lot of it shows up on YouTube the next morning. Such is life. Which is where I watched this funny Joker parody starring David Harbour as a gritty Oscar the Grouch!

That’s some good parody! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Saturday Night Live Does Star Wars

Good times, good times, Adam Driver was the host of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and they had some fun with Kylo Ren!

I don’t watch SNL anymore (not that I ever did watch it live…), but I love me some good Star Wars humor as much as the next fan!


Saturday Night Live Went Ahead and Made that Black Widow Movie

Major points to Saturday Night Live for being funny and culturally relevant! I’ll admit I haven’t watched them since reruns of the Ferrell Era, but that was pretty funny stuff. Go Age of Ultron!


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