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Drawfee is a Fun Thing!

Have you ever watched Drawfree? It’s this funny and charming drawing show/Twitch stream/a bunch of other stuff that I’ve been watching for a while now. And they’ve just announced that they’ve finally gone fully independent! And could therefore use more viewers!

Here’s a taste of their style.

So basically, Drawfee was created as part of College Humor that developed into a group of four artists who get together and do drawing challenges while bantering and having a good time. It’s a fun watch. Here’s their channel with just a metric ton of old episodes to watch.

Then College Humor went belly up in January and the Drawfee bunch has been flapping in the wind for months now, especially in light of the pandemic. Now it seems they’ve finally got some solid ground underneath them.

I’m just letting you readers know because I like sharing cool internet things, and the Drawfee bunch is definitely that sort of thing. And don’t we all need more and more entertaining YouTube channels to just lose ourselves in for hours upon end? Isn’t that what your lockdown is like too?


SNL Brings In Ninja Turtle Parody Masters!

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live ran an animated segment about the Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was pretty funny. I’m always up for a good TMNT parody.

If you’re like me, a person of refined and excellent taste, then you might notice something strikingly familiar about that segment: it was animated by the same studio that did those classic College Humor Ninja Turtles bits!

Lowbrow Studios has been putting out hilarious video game and pop culture parody videos for years, and their Ninja Turtle segments for College Humor back in the day were amazing!

It’s great to see them getting more renown! According to comments they made on YouTube, they were hired as a third party to do the SNL segment, which is why they weren’t more openly credited. But I can credit their good work all I want!

So spend your quarantine day going down the Lowbrow Studios YouTube rabbit hole and have a good day of it!


Badman and Pete Holmes Are the Same Guy!

So you know that sketch about Wolverine from The Pete Holmes Show I posted earlier this week? Well apparently that Pete Holmes guy was the one behind all those brilliant Badman/Batman sketches for College Humor! Amazing! Now I really, really want to watch this guy’s show.

Here’s the latest Badman short, featuring a meeting between Badman and Superman!

This Pete Holmes guy is clearly the guy! If he keeps up the superhero humor, hopefully his show might have some legs!

Daria’s High School Reunion

Anybody else watch Daria when you were younger? I loved that show! Even more than Beavis & Butthead.

Leave it to College Humor to be both awesome and nostalgic. Though why Quinn would be involved in Daria’s class reunion doesn’t make any sense. Silly College Humor. At least they nailed it with Aubrey Plaza as Daria. Good times with that one.

College Humor’s Batman Videos Are Still Hella Funny

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of College Humor’s Badman parody videos, but apparently they’re still putting them out, and they’re still hilarious. Here is Badman getting ready to sacrifice himself to take the bomb out of Gotham.

And the latest one – which isn’t up on Youtube yet – has Badman meeting the Penguin, playing by Patton Oswalt. Because hells yeah!

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