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Ride Shiny and Bonkers on the Rainbow Road!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is on its way and they’ve treated us to one last trail ahead of the big premiere. This one is really bonkers, throwing all sorts of Mario stuff at the screen, from power-ups to the glory of Mario Kart. Clearly the filmmakers just wanted to pack as much Mario as possible into their Mario movie. Sounds fun to me!

Short, sweet, and still full of bad voice acting. This is the first time we’re hearing Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong and…it’s just Seth Rogen. And Chris Pratt’s Mario remains terrible. Alas. But I’m hopefully going to be able to put that aside to just enjoy a wild and crazy Super Mario Bros. Movie. Bring it all on!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes to theaters on April 5.


Here’s that Sweet Mario Kart Parody Trailer from SNL

I don’t have much to share this Monday, with no new movie trailers or anything of that nature to talk about. So how about we just watch that sweet, gritty Mario Kart parody trailer from Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Does anybody still watch that show live on Saturday nights?

This is fun stuff. Great work by the graphics department at SNL, for sure. And Pedro Pascal kills it as gritty Mario. I’m loving The Last of Us on HBO, like everybody else. And this was a great parody for pull off for Pascal’s guest appearance on SNL. Obviously, this isn’t the first gritty, post-apocalyptic Mario re-imagining on the internet, but it’s fun when some actual work goes into it from a major media outlet.


Mario Kart Fury Road

I really need to make time to go see Mad Max Fury Road. I’m hearing amazing things! But I’m a busy, lazy man, Henchies.

There’s also the fact that I’ve only ever seen one Mad Max movie prior to this. I understand one doesn’t need to see the previous movies to understand Fury Road, so that’s cool. But I still gotta find the time somehow. Big props to sundbergkr for today’s video!


Blue Shell Blues

Looks like at least Nintendo WiiU (Wii2?) understands the power of the wacky Internet thing. They commissioned a song from the Brett Domino Trio to commemorate the new Mario Kart.

But seeing as how I barely have a Wii at my place, I won’t be playing. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a wacky Internet song. Maybe ‘Blue Shell Blues’ will become the new ‘Ironic’.

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