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6 Thoughts on the First Season of Daredevil

Like most comic book geeks, I binge-watched the new Daredevil TV show on Netflix this past weekend and loved it. The action, the acting, the storytelling, the superheroics all came together for an amazing show, just like we all hoped it would be. And Daredevil is just the beginning of Marvel’s foray into prestige television, with several more Netflix shows lined up. I couldn’t be happier that Marvel is doing for TV what they did for movies.

And, I suppose, what they did for comics…

In lieu of an episode-by-episode review or anything more substantial, I’ve decided to devote this week’s List of Six to my thoughts on the season. I’ve been doing similar lists for the other superhero TV shows, with Arrow, Flash and Agents of SHIELD coming later this spring.

So join me after the jump for my rambling, ramshackle review of the first season of Daredevil! I will try to keep SPOILERS to a minimum, but no promises.

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