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Who’s Up For Trying to Catch Glass Onion in Theaters?

Knives Out was amazing. I saw it in theaters with high hopes based on the trailers, and even those hopes were blown out of the water by how good it was! So you’re gosh darn right I’m quite pleased that Rian Johnson was given a ton of money by Netflix to make more Benoit Blanc mysteries. Glass Onion looks darn good!

Looks like a fun murder mystery, with a great cast and a really neat lead detective! I’m totally in.

So Glass Onion is coming to Netflix on Dec. 23, which is fine. I can watch it with my family over Christmas, perhaps. But it’s also going to get a limited theatrical release for, like, one week starting on Nov. 23. If that movie is playing anywhere near me, you best believe I’m going to see it in theaters! I can’t wait!


Our First Look at Glass Onion, the Knives Out Sequel

We’ve finally got a trailer for Glass Onion, the sequel to the exceptionally good murder mystery Knives Out from a couple of years ago. That movie was such a success that writer/director Rian Johnson is going to do a whole bunch of Benoit Blanc mysteries, thanks to some generous funding from Netflix. I am totally on board with this!

The trailer looks great! Very stylish, and with a great cast of characters. It’s a shame that Blanc will no longer have his various sidekicks from the first movie, because his chemistry with Ana de Armas was magical. But such is the life of a wandering super detective!

Glass Onion comes to Netflix later this year!


Some Honest Trailers to Enjoy on This Nice Friday

This strikes me as a very casual week, so lets cap it off with a couple of Honest Trailers I haven’t gotten around to sharing. I love me a good Honest Trailer, and I’ve got a couple of doozies today!

Like the Honest Trailer for the hit film Knives Out, one of my favorites from last year!

Knives Out was a great movie! And it’s on DVD, so feel free to go out and rent it if you haven’t seen it yet!

Meanwhile, how about an Honest Trailer for Frozen 2?

I liked Frozen 2, though obviously it wasn’t t he runaway hit that the first one was. I’m ready for Frozen 3. I’m also ready for Disney to reveal that Elsa is gay. That’s a drum I’m ready to just keep beating!

I saved the most boring for last! Terminator: Dark Fate!

Let us hope this is the end of the Terminator franchise for a nice, long time.


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