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Epic Stranger Things Finale Arrives Next Week!

Strange Things season 4 has been pretty darn killer so far! Lots of action, lots of neat stuff has happened so far. I’m really excited for the final two episodes that will make up the season 4 finale. Here’s a trailer to give us all a really neat sneak peek!

Loving the continued use of Kate Bush music. I’d never heard the song “Running Up That Hill” before this season, and I’m loving it. I’m loving how Kate Bush is getting money and new recognition. That’s super fun for her! Hopefully much continued rocking is done in these last two, oversized episodes!

Stranger Things season 4 comes to an end on July 1!


Stranger Things is Finally Coming Back!

I’m a fan of Stranger Things. The first and second seasons still hold up, even if I wasn’t too enamored with the third season. But I am totally down for the upcoming fourth season, especially after this sweet new full trailer!

Looks like we’re getting a singular, Upside Down bad guy! And puberty! And other general quality horror action. So bring on Strange Things season 4 on May 27!


How About a Spooky Strange Things Teaser?

For reasons we don’t yet understand, Netflix put out a teaser trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things today. It teases an origin story for Eleven…so perhaps we’ll meet those super-powered teens from that one episode of season 3 again?

Who knows, because the trailer doesn’t tell us much, not even a release date.

But hey, I’m excited for more Stranger Things, so here’s hoping we get more Stranger Things sooner rather than later!


Stranger Things as a 1980s Anime!

The internet is full of wonderfully creative people. Take, for example, Octopie, who released this bitchin’ animated short showing Stranger Things as an old anime!

Looks fantastic! That’s real talent and skill!

I enjoyed the third season of Stranger Things, though I think they’ve lost the creative spark that made the first season so memorable. Now it’s more like comfort food TV. They haven’t done anything nearly as creative or as original as that thing with the Christmas lights and the letters. Now it’s just a happy good time hanging out with all of our favorite characters. Still enjoyable!


Stranger Things Season 3 is Gonna Be Epic!

The third season of Stranger Things comes out on July 4 — and it should be pretty great! I’m a big Stranger Things fan and am very much looking forward to the new season. Check out this cool final trailer!

Looks awesome! Bring on the craziness!

Also, that’s the same weekend as Spider-Man: Far From Home. What an exciting time to be alive!


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