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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 5/13/23

It’s gonna be a short week for reviews because not much came out that I read and I had a really busy week. Geez louise, my week! But it’s probably because I’m on vacation this coming week, so work had to really dig it out of me. And this upcoming week is gonna feature a bajillion comic reviews! Everything is coming out in the same week! But this week we’ve got Green Lantern and Saga.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Green Lantern #1 for a nice character focused relaunch. It doesn’t have as much oomph as I would have liked, but it’s nonetheless a solid read.

I feel this panel is very apt for a first issue

Meanwhile, I just finished up BEEF on Netflix and it was really good. Definitely recommended. And I’ve already started playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Bought that right away. Breath of the Wild was the entire reason I bought the Nintendo Switch a few years ago, and I’m very pleased to be here at launch for the sequel! Gonna be a fun vacation!

Comic Reviews: Green Lantern #1 and Saga #64.

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Let’s Brush Up Our Green Lantern Knowledge In These Trying Times

Noah Sterling has been knocking out awesome comic book summaries in his charming animation style for years now, and he just delivered one detailing the history of all the Earth Green Lanterns. It’s fun! And we could all use a bit of fun right now.

I, too, have been wondering what happened to Simon Baz. We haven’t seen him for years!

But I am enjoying Sojourner Mullein in Far Sector! A new issue came out this week and it’s good. Hopefully she gets a chance to really shine going forward.

Who’s your favorite Green Lantern?


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