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Awesome Uncharted Fan Film with Nathan Fillion!

We live in a world where intrepid people in the world can just put together their own amazing fan film of any property they want. Remember that sweet Mortal Kombat movie from a few years ago? That led to a pretty awesome web series, and I think some solid career opportunities for the creator.

Well now director Allan Ungar brings us a fan film about the Uncharted video game series. And he’s got Nathan Fillion in the starring role of Nathan Drake!

Yep, that was pretty darn amazing. Well made, well acted, well written; I would love more of these. Heck, I’d be down for an entire movie like this. I’ve barely played the Uncharted series, but that was a darn good short film!


Celebrities I Can Actually Stand

Apparently the guy who voices Superman for all those WB animated cartoons and movies, Tim Daly, has some kind of web series with his son. And Nathan Fillion, the guy who voices Green Lantern, stopped by the other day to make one hilariously funny web-isode. I wish my life was about having this much fun. Watch and enjoy.

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