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How a Bunch of Movies Should Have Ended

Sometimes when I’m coming up with things to post on my blog, I collect a bunch of fun YouTube videos to save for a rainy day. Today is that day. So let’s run through a bunch of How It Should Have Ended videos!

First up is the one for Bumblebee, which is pretty fun! I enjoyed the movie, and this video is fun and clever with the absolute perfect ending. The girl totally should have stuck around with Bumblebee!

Pretty fun. Great voice work stuff in that one. But they should have pushed it one step further and had Hailee Steinfeld team up with Shia LeBeouf!

Anyway, here’s the one for Shazam! In which I start to notice a disturbing trend…

Is this “How It Should Have Ended” or is it “let’s just make a bunch of jokes”. They completely threw away their own premise! And it gets even worse with the one for Aladdin!

What is going on?! Granted, it’s an alternate ending to the movie, but really it’s just the creators riffing on a random plot thread from Aladdin. They do a perfectly fine Robin Williams impression, but it’s just a bunch of jokes about the Aladdin premise, not a bunch of clever alternate possibilities for the ending.

They’re losing track of their own selves!


I’m Not Feeling the Aladdin Trailer

I’m not digging it. The first full Aladdin live action trailer came out yesterday, and I just…I dunno, it seems too busy. Obviously there’s a lot of style and pizzazz and stuff. It all makes sense. But it looks too…I dunno. Tacky? Gaudy? Perhaps it’s just not my style of design aesthetic.

What do you think? The cartoon Aladdin is one of the best. Can this live action one live up to that energy? Also, for the record, I have zero problems with the Will Smith genie. Looks fine to me.


But Where is Magic Carpet?

For reasons that are probably insane, my favorite character in Aladdin was Magic Carpet. I like sidekicks and supporting characters, especially sentient vehicle sidekicks. We can blame Benny the Cab for that.

But where is he in the new Aladdin live action trailer?

Everybody’s talking about Will Smith as the blue Genie, but he looks and acts exactly like Will Smith as a blue Genie. I want more Magic Carpet!

Oh wait, I just re-watched the trailer before posting this. We do see him in the background in the Genie reveal scene. Alright then, I’m satisfied. Go about your business.


6 Pop Culture Characters I Love For No Particular Reason

I think this blog is testament to the fact that I am a pop culture aficionado. I love movies, TV shows, books, comics, video games and all manner of storytelling and fiction. I hope to be a fiction writer myself some day, and am even working on my own comic book. And like all good people of this Earth, I have my favorite characters in my favorite media.

But sometimes, those favorites don’t make much sense.

Go, Green Ranger, go go!

Leonardo is my favorite Ninja Turtle because of his noble spirit and badass katana blades. The Green Ranger is my favorite Power Ranger because he was this cool, rebellious sixth Ranger. Multiple Man is my favorite superhero because I like his sense of humor, and because he was one of the characters who helped usher young Sean into a better understanding of superhero comics. I love Robin the Boy Wonder because I’ve always considered myself more of a sidekick than a leader, especially when compared to some of my more alpha male friends back in my youth.

But there are some characters out there whom I love passionately, but have no legitimate reason why. Join me after the jump to find out who!

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