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Let’s Take Another Look at Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

We’ve seen a ton so far for the upcoming Scarlet and Violet games, due out in November. It’s going to be an open world RPG — which I love — and will have a lot in common with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which I also enjoyed. Well yesterday gave us even more information, including the stupid new game-specific transformation system.

This looks great! It’s like Arceus, but an actual normal Pokemon game. So all those theories that Arceus was a testing ground are proving correct. So I’m quite thrilled. An open world Pokemon RPG with more detail and world than ever before? Hecks to the yes!

Here’s a video that explains everything more in depth.

So I think I’m definitely going with Violet. Look at those two legendary pokemon. Why the hell does the scarlet one have wheels on its body if it’s going to run everywhere? It looks dumb as hell! It’s got those big wheels just sticking out of its body on both ends, then has to awkwardly run with its legs on either side of the wheels. Meanwhile, the violent one is just straight transforming into motorcycles and rocket ships. Hells yeah.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet still look pretty great. And now that I own a Switch, this is probably a Day One buy for me when it comes out on Nov. 18. I’ll have something to talk to the cousins about at Thanksgiving.


I’m Back! With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Whew, what a week! For the first time in more than a decade of writing this blog, I actually took a whole week off, it seems. I had plans to maybe schedule some movie trailer posts, and I hoped to get home in time to do weekly comic reviews. But my trip to California was a bit too nuts and a bit too torturous to even try. So I just accepted that I wouldn’t and didn’t post. C’est la vie.

We’re going to make up for that with a bunch of posts this week! Including this awesome new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that came out while I was away.

This game still looks great. Multiplayer? That’s interesting. Some cute new Pokemon. I know I’m going to have fun with all the open world wandering. Will they fill that open world with interesting things to do? We’ll find out. And based on those legendaries, I think I’m definitely getting Pokemon Scarlet. The classic motorcycle dragon looks better than the sci-fi super bike dragon — at least in my opinion.

I still haven’t decided on a starter yet. I’d be willing to take any of them, but we’ll only know for sure when it comes to the final evolution. We’ll just have to keep waiting.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come out on Nov. 18.


Our Pokemon Futures Have Been Revealed!

The next two mainline Pokemon games will be Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. They were revealed yesterday during a special Pokemon Day livestream, along with some other updates to existing games. Now that I own a Nintendo Switch, I am all prepared for Scarlet and Violet this holiday season!

Based on what little we know so far, it’s looking like Pokemon Legends: Arceus was a testing ground for open world gameplay. Scarlet and Violet are apparently going to be true open world, seamless travel between wild areas and cities and towns. A big, open sandbox of Pokemon adventuring! Obviously, I love the sound of that.

The three new starters are Sprigatito the grass cat, Fuecoco the fire crocodile and Quaxly the water duck. Right now, I’m leaning towards Fuecoco, though I’m pleased to say that I like all three. This is good news for me, considering I did not care for the starters in Arceus or Sword/Shield. So consider my excitement level already starting off at a good spot!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are promised by the end of the year! Let’s keep our hopes up!


6 Things I Actually Want From an Open World Pokemon Game

So I bit the bullet this past weekend and splurged on Pokemon Legends: Arceus for my Nintendo Switch. I have been playing Pokemon games consistently since Blue. Heck, I even still play Pokemon Go on a daily basis. So it would make sense that I would want to try out the first truly open open world Pokemon game. I love sandbox games; they’re probably my favorite type of video game. So a Pokemon sandbox? I’m in!

Let’s just move right on to the sequel

I don’t know if I’ll get around to doing a proper review of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. I think my pros and cons are exactly the same as everybody else on the internet. I’m enjoying the catching and general gameplay mechanic, but this game is a far far cry from the types of games/open worlds that we know and love. Both Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out on the Switch at launch. And this is the best Pokemon can offer in response? For shame. So I figured I would spend some time laying out exactly what I would actulaly want to see in a proper Pokemon open world game. Clearly such a thing is possible. Make it happen.

Join me after the jump for six things I want to see in a real, well-made, open world Pokemon game.

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I’m on the Fence About Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Later today, Marvel is going to announce which new X-Man won the poll, and I’m gonna share that as soon as I can. Until then, how about a long gameplay trailer for the upcoming video game Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Those two things go together, right?

I’m on the fence about this game. I do finally own a Nintendo Switch, so I can play it. And I’ve played pretty much every main Pokemon game since the very beginning. But I think Arceus may be the company biting off more than they can chew. I don’t really have faith in the people who make Pokemon games to make Arceus everything they’re promising. So I’m probably gonna wait for reviews and feedback on this one before buying.

But it still looks neat! Pokemon Legends: Arceus comes out on Jan. 28.


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