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How a Bunch of Movies Should Have Ended

Sometimes when I’m coming up with things to post on my blog, I collect a bunch of fun YouTube videos to save for a rainy day. Today is that day. So let’s run through a bunch of How It Should Have Ended videos!

First up is the one for Bumblebee, which is pretty fun! I enjoyed the movie, and this video is fun and clever with the absolute perfect ending. The girl totally should have stuck around with Bumblebee!

Pretty fun. Great voice work stuff in that one. But they should have pushed it one step further and had Hailee Steinfeld team up with Shia LeBeouf!

Anyway, here’s the one for Shazam! In which I start to notice a disturbing trend…

Is this “How It Should Have Ended” or is it “let’s just make a bunch of jokes”. They completely threw away their own premise! And it gets even worse with the one for Aladdin!

What is going on?! Granted, it’s an alternate ending to the movie, but really it’s just the creators riffing on a random plot thread from Aladdin. They do a perfectly fine Robin Williams impression, but it’s just a bunch of jokes about the Aladdin premise, not a bunch of clever alternate possibilities for the ending.

They’re losing track of their own selves!


Bumblebee Likes Collecting Wayward Children

There’s a new trailer for the upcoming Bumblebee spin-off movie, and it’s clear now that Bee likes collecting wayward young people. He just bounces around, hiding in car lots until some new young person buys him as their first automobile. It’s weird.

Bumblebee the movie also features classic versions of Transformers characters, which should make some people happy. Lets focus on that instead.


So They Really Went and Made a Bumblebee Spin-Off

I never saw the last Transformers movie, the one with the King Arthur stuff. I loved the first movie, but every other one has been trash. I thought we all knew this. Of course, we also knew that they still made a lot of money.

So here’s a spin-off starring Bumblebee! It’s really going to exist!

Looks fine to me. Weird coming of age story starring Bumblebee. If that’s the movie you want to make, more power to you!


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