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How a Bunch of Movies Should Have Ended

Sometimes when I’m coming up with things to post on my blog, I collect a bunch of fun YouTube videos to save for a rainy day. Today is that day. So let’s run through a bunch of How It Should Have Ended videos!

First up is the one for Bumblebee, which is pretty fun! I enjoyed the movie, and this video is fun and clever with the absolute perfect ending. The girl totally should have stuck around with Bumblebee!

Pretty fun. Great voice work stuff in that one. But they should have pushed it one step further and had Hailee Steinfeld team up with Shia LeBeouf!

Anyway, here’s the one for Shazam! In which I start to notice a disturbing trend…

Is this “How It Should Have Ended” or is it “let’s just make a bunch of jokes”. They completely threw away their own premise! And it gets even worse with the one for Aladdin!

What is going on?! Granted, it’s an alternate ending to the movie, but really it’s just the creators riffing on a random plot thread from Aladdin. They do a perfectly fine Robin Williams impression, but it’s just a bunch of jokes about the Aladdin premise, not a bunch of clever alternate possibilities for the ending.

They’re losing track of their own selves!


6 Thoughts on Shazam!

The battle of the Captain Marvel movies is finally in full swing, with Shazam! showing up to deliver a nearly knockout blow to the Marvel counterpart. Which one is better? Hard to say. Both have their strengths. But I think I’m going to give the edge to Shazam! because it’s just so much fun!

Shazam Review List 01

Movie Rating: 9/10 – Great.

DC Comics has cast off the shackles of the grim and gritty Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice films and they have embraced the fun of their superheroes. They’ve also done away with the need to tie everything together, even though Shazam! has several references to the wider DCEU. I think that is a good choice for them. It frees up each movie to be focused on itself. And if they’re going to try to repair the damage they did to themselves, keeping things simple is the best choice.

It definitely worked for Shazam! Join me after the jump for my review of the movie! And be careful of FULL SPOILERS for Shazam!

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The 6 Craziest Members of the Shazam! Family (the Shazamily!)

Shazam! comes out this weekend and I’m mildly excited. That’s a good enough reason to make a fun internet list, right? I’ve just never really cared about the Shazam character, I’m only mildly interested in all these DC superhero movies, and I still can’t buy Zachary Levi in the role. Hopefully all of that will change once I see the actual film!

Shazamily List 01

The box says “Cola”, so he didn’t even buy beer

And at least I can get a fun blog listicle about it. When Captain Marvel came out, I did a funny list of all the best Captain Marvels in comics. So how about a funny list of all the best Shazams in comics? Because Shazam is one of those characters with a big, weird comic book family. They were once known as the Marvel Family, but how has the phrase “Shazamily” not caught on?

The character very nearly predates World War II, and being around that long means there have been a lot of weird stories over the years. So let’s check out all of the craziest people who have been given Shazam powers over the decades! Or close to it!

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Speaking of Captain Marvel Movies…Shazam!

There’s another Captain Marvel-ish movie coming out soon, and it’s called Shazam! How about a trailer for that movie?

Everybody knows about the phenomenon of releasing two very similar movies in close proximity. They’re called Twin Films. And I think this is the first superhero Twin Film. How is it that both Captain Marvel movies, one from Marvel and one from DC, are coming out so close together after a decade+ of superhero movie domination?

Anyway, I hope this one is good too, though I still have trouble seeing Zachary Levi as the Big Red Cheese.


DC Brings Even More Movie Trailers – Shazam! and Aquaman!

Just when I thought I could stop posting new movie trailers from San Diego Comic-Con, DC and Warner Bros. hit us with the trailers for their next big superhero movies: Shazam! and Aquaman! Seeing as how I’m a sucker for superhero movies, you’re darn right I’m posting these two trailers!

Shazam! looks pretty good, even though I still can’t get past seeing Zachary Levi as anything other than Zachary Levi.

But I definitely like the trailer. It looks neat and has a nice gimmick.

However, the Aquaman trailer looks cheesy and messy and a little too crazy.

I don’t care for that trailer. It leans way too hard on the big CGI nonsense of Atlantis than on anything I might be interested in. And while I still like Jason Momoa in the role, he’s really only in this trailer to deliver one-liners when they cut to him. And they’re not even good ones.

Mera jumps out of a plane without a parachute, and the only thing the writers could come up with was a crack about redheads? Really? Is there that little creativity put into this film?

Of course, you’re darn right I’m going to see it when it comes out!


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