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Jazz the Opossum Can Now Be Real!

A lot of fun new video games were announced at E3 this year, with a ton of really cool trailers. Unfortunately, since I switched almost completely to PC gaming, I don’t get to play any of the cool new games on the Nintendo or the Playstation. But there’s one trailer in particular that spoke to me on a personal level.

Or, more accurately, spoke to the dorky, teenaged Sean that was super into creating fan fiction characters. Behold, Sonic Forces, with a legit Sonic character-creator!


Way back in the day, I liked to draw at school. I’m sure a lot of us did. I doodled on line paper like every other would-be cartoonist. I would move Heaven and Earth to somehow find those doodles and sketches again. But for now, I’ll have to rely on my memory.

One thing I loved sketching was the Sonic the Hedgehog team, circa Sonic 3. I had some dorky obsession with Knuckles, and it didn’t help that I never actually owned a Sega Genesis or anything to play those games. I was just a dork, pining away for video games of my own, tracing and re-drawing Sonic cartoon characters.

And, sure enough, I created my own: Jazz the Opossum! He was hip and cool in all the best Poochie ways. I’m pretty sure he wore a backwards baseball cap and had roller blades. There was no shame.

Now, thanks to the first-ever Sonic character creator in Sonic Forces, I can create Jazz the Opossum and send him on adventures! I’ve just got to, somehow, get my hands on the gear and systems needed to play the dumb game…



6 Pop Culture Characters I Love For No Particular Reason

I think this blog is testament to the fact that I am a pop culture aficionado. I love movies, TV shows, books, comics, video games and all manner of storytelling and fiction. I hope to be a fiction writer myself some day, and am even working on my own comic book. And like all good people of this Earth, I have my favorite characters in my favorite media.

But sometimes, those favorites don’t make much sense.

Go, Green Ranger, go go!

Leonardo is my favorite Ninja Turtle because of his noble spirit and badass katana blades. The Green Ranger is my favorite Power Ranger because he was this cool, rebellious sixth Ranger. Multiple Man is my favorite superhero because I like his sense of humor, and because he was one of the characters who helped usher young Sean into a better understanding of superhero comics. I love Robin the Boy Wonder because I’ve always considered myself more of a sidekick than a leader, especially when compared to some of my more alpha male friends back in my youth.

But there are some characters out there whom I love passionately, but have no legitimate reason why. Join me after the jump to find out who!

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My 6 Favorite Video Game Characters

In honor of Wreck-It Ralph, this week’s blog list is all about my favorite video game characters! Though sadly, none of them appeared in the movie. Still, being the huge fan I am of fiction and storytelling, I actually pay a lot of attention to the stories and characters in video games. It’s not just all about mashing buttons for me. These are characters for whom I’ll go out of my way to play, or I’ll pick them all the time when it comes to gaming. Sometimes with annoying frequency.

None of these dinguses made the list

A lot of video games have a surprisingly deep mythology around them. Heck, even Angry Birds has the backstory of the pigs stealing the birds’ eggs – or something. And I often like to immerse myself in these stories. One of the biggest reasons I love World of Warcraft so much is because of the story and the lore. It helps that some of these games get cartoon shows, novels, comics or movies to help expand the story. Not that any of those things has particularly explained why King Koopa will kidnap Princess Peach in one game, and then race go-karts or play soccer with her in the next.

Mario even invites both of them to his frequent parties, as if that won’t make for an awkward evening. But questionable decisions by plumbers aside, here are my six favorite video game characters!

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