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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/22/18

Merry Christmas everybody! Or at least in a few days for those of us who celebrate. I’ve got a long weekend of hanging out with family ahead of me, and hopefully some sweet presents!

We had some boffo comic book presents this week, with new issues of Aquaman, Batman, Uncanny X-Men, West Coast Avengers and more! Comic Book of the Week goes to an absolutely delightful Runaways Christmas special!

Runaways Christmas 01

Also, watch Runaways season 2 on Hulu!

Meanwhile, how about that Aquaman movie? Was that insanely cool or what? I can’t remember a movie with that level of size and scale, and who actually pulled it off. So much fun! Such madness!

Comic Reviews: Aquaman #43, Batman #61, Catwoman #6, Iceman #4, Runaways #16, Uncanny X-Men #6 and West Coast Avengers #6.

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Welp, the Mimic is Dead

I knew this was coming. From the very moment I found out the Mimic was going to appear in the Extermination comic, I knew his days were numbered. I held on to a little bit of hope that he’d somehow make it all the way to the end, that there was no reason to kill one of my all-time favorite comic book characters…but it was a fool’s hope.

At least he gets to go out like a badass.

Mimic Dead 07

That was the ending to Extermination #4, the previous issue from a couple months ago. We were all led to believe that was Young Cyclops…who gets immediately harpooned by Ahab. It was a big cliffhanger.

But in this week’s Extermination #5, we find out that was Mimic…who had somehow found the time to grab Cyclops’ visor off his head, shove Young Cyclops to the side and attack.

Mimic Dead 05

That’s not even how Mimic’s powers work. He doesn’t need the visor to use his copied Cyclops powers. They really just wanted that fake out kill to make people think Young Cyclops had been killed instead. But more on Mimic’s powers in a bit.

This has not been a good year for me. They killed Phil Urich. They nearly killed Strong Guy and Stingray. And now the Mimic is dead for no good reason. At least he died a hero.

And to think, all this time, his death was just waiting for us. Like Malcolm Reynolds said, about someone carrying a bullet for you and you don’t even know it. All this time the Young X-Men were around, their removal was going to involve killing the Mimic. Yeah, the original creators that brought them into X-Men comics probably didn’t plan it this way. I’m sure using the Mimic was just a quick fix idea that got thrown into the mix at this late stage. But the future is the future, and this was always going to happen this way.

But you want to know what the worst part is? The part that really sticks in my craw?

The creative team had to willfully ignore everything in this issue that would have normally let him live. Based purely on how his powers work, the Mimic didn’t need to stay dead by the end of the issue.

Mimic Dead 08

Mimic copies the powers of people in his proximity. He doesn’t need to touch them, like Rogue, he just has to be near them. He has some measure of control as to who he mimics and when, but it’s otherwise automatic. In fact, this is how he “came back to life” the last time he was “killed” back in the early 1970s. The Mimic automatically copied the powers of a nearby Wolverine and healed the radiation that had killed him.

And wouldn’t you know it, there were three¬†Wolverines in the big fight in Extermination.

Mimic Dead 06

Honey Badger, X-23 and Old Man Logan are in the same scene, in close proximity to the Mimic. All he’d have to do is nothing, and his powers would automatically copy any of them and he’d heal the simple chest wound and be fine.

It’s not like Mimic was a major player in Extermination. It’s not like his death was crucial to saving the world or anything. It was a throwaway death so that Marvel could get a fake out cliffhanger in the penultimate issue. There’s absolutely no reason why there couldn’t be a throwaway panel at some point in the issue.

“Oh, hey, Mimic, you’re back?”

“Yeah, I just copied Logan over there and healed. I’m fine, thanks.”

Done and done.

But nah, Marvel decided to keep him dead. Because why not? Where’s the harm?

I’m not particularly bothered. It stinks that he’s dead, but death never sticks in comics anymore. Just this year, we’ve had Jean Grey and Multiple Man come back from the dead. This final issue of Extermination also brings another X-Man back from the dead. And there’s no way they’re going to keep Cable dead after he was killed earlier in Extermination.

So Mimic will be back someday. I just gotta wait for it.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/15/18

Have you heard the sad news? The beloved G. Willow Wilson will finally be leaving Ms. Marvel early next year! It’s a sad shame. She wrote a great comic! And I haven’t been all that wowed with her Wonder Woman

But we’ve got some goodies this week, including Unstoppable Wasp, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Uncanny X-Men! How’s that for alliteration? Comic Book of the Week goes to the latest issue of Go Go Power Rangers, because I’m feeling generous and really enjoyed the issue-ending cliffhanger.

Rangers Kiss 01

The kiss is fun too!

Meanwhile, as per friend-of-the-site xmenxpert’s request, I went back and read the first issue of Ironheart. It was fine, with some parts stronger than others. Generally well-written all around, with fantastic art. But it only emphasized the things I don’t particularly like about Riri Williams. And that’s on me. I’ll give it a few more tries to see if I stick with it or not.

In related news, I also skipped the first issue of the new Miles Morales comic this week. I was meaning to read it and add it to my review pile, but this was a busier week than I’d planned. I’ll get around to reading it.

Comic Reviews: Go Go Power Rangers #15, Mr. & Mrs. X #6, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #39, Uncanny X-Men #5, Unstoppable Wasp #3, Wonder Woman #60 and X-23 #7.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/8/18

Have you seen the trailer yet for Captain Marvel? What about Avengers: Endgame? Or the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer? Is that not out yet? This week was crazy with Marvel movie trailers! Almost like it’s Christmas!

We’ve got some solid Marvel comics this week, too! Like Uncanny X-Men and West Coast Avengers! But DC wins Comic Book of the Week with the second issue of Grant Morrison’s The Green Lantern!

Green Lantern Nurse 01

He doesn’t do things by the book!

Meanwhile, take a second to go watch those trailers again. They’re pretty great! Then come back here and read the rest of my reviews.

Comic Reviews: Batman #60, The Green Lantern #2, Uncanny X-Men #4, and West Coast Avengers #5.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/1/18

Both Aquaman and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse are getting great word-of-mouth ahead of their upcoming releases. That is both crazy and awesome! I’m really excited for these movies now!

But we’re not here to talk movies! That’s just my way of opening up this article with some general superhero chatter. We’re here to talk comics, and this week is a doozy! We’ve got Superman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Wonder Woman, Booster Gold and more! Comic Book of the Week goes to Fantastic Four #4, for an issue that I hope is a solid example of what we’re going to see going forward.

Fantastix 01

There are now two flat, stretchy superheroes in the Marvel Universe

Meanwhile, I got a request to review the finale to the Drowned Earth storyline in Justice League. I dropped the main comic awhile ago, so I had a lot of catching up to do. I liked the first couple of issues, but big team-focused comics aren’t my cup of tea these days, so I faded from the series. But I take my review requests seriously, so you best believe I have reviewed the Drowned Earth finale below!

Comic Reviews: Action Comics #1005, Amazing Spider-Man #10, Aquaman/Justice League – Drowned Earth #1, Fantastic Four #4, Heroes in Crisis #3, Uncanny X-Men #3 and Wonder Woman #59.

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