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6 Thoughts on Deadpool 2

Honestly, I don’t care if X-Men: Dark Phoenix ever comes out. The main X-Men franchise is dead to me, and there’s no point in beating that horse corpse. The new Deadpool franchise is where it’s at! Humor, action and a far more fun and energetic use of classic comic book characters, Deadpool should be the future of this franchise — at least until Marvel does a full reboot to bring the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadpool2 List 01

Movie Rating: 9/10 – Great.

Until that happens, I would rather FOX keep producing entertaining off-shoot movies like Deadpool 2! I found this movie to be just as funny, wacky and raunchy as the first, with plenty of heart and soul added to make it an even better film. The last thing I want to do is slog through another movie of James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence phoning it in. Ryan Reynolds is the hilarity we need!

Join me after the jump for my thoughts and review on Deadpool 2! Expect FULL SPOILERS for the movie and its aftermath!

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The 6 Coolest Alternate Deadpools

Deadpool is a pretty darn popular character these days, what with a big movie sequel coming out at the end of the week. Me, being a finger-on-the-pulse kind of guy, I’ve decided to tie-in this week’s List of Six with the release of Deadpool 2! How about that?!

Deadpool Alts 01

My weekend plans

The problem is that I don’t actually read a lot of Deadpool comics. Or any Deadpool comics, honestly. I like the character just fine, but I don’t have a handful of favorite Deadpool moments or zingers out of which to make a list. Instead, I’ve decided to do a list of the best alternate Deadpools! There have been a bunch of alternate reality, alternate future, and replacement Deadpools throughout the years and it’s time they were bundled into one place! Or, at least, bundled into one place by me.

Join me after the jump for the best and wackiest alternate versions and parodies of Deadpool! And you should probably go see his movie this weekend, too. I know I’m going to! Get it? Because of Deadpool 2? Yeah, you get it.

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How About a Great Movie Trailer: Deadpool 2

I was ragging on The Lost Park: Jurassic World earlier today for delivering a crappy trailer that gives away a lot of the plot. Well the final trailer for Deadpool 2 has arrived, and it also gives away a lot of the plot — but it is an amazing and hilarious trailer! Be sure to stay all the way until the end.

For my money, I think that whole bit with Peter at the end, from introduction to badass skydiving, might be the greatest joke in all of the Deadpool movies so far. Bring on this movie!


Deadpool 2 Still Looks Good!

A new Deadpool 2 trailer randomly arrived yesterday afternoon…and here it is!

This new trailer shows off a ton of new footage, including the creation of X-Force! No real explanation for who the new mutants are, though, which is too bad. We want X-cameos! At least everything still seems pretty funny.


New Deadpool 2 Trailer Makes the Case for New Deadpool Shorts All the Time

There’s a new, full-sized trailer for Deadpool 2 today, and it’s all manner of hilarious. Seriously, we need more Deadpool stuff all the time, this is so good.

Wasn’t that great? Man, what a good looking movie. The humor is on point like so few things. These trailers have been works of comedic art in their own right. I want more trailers! And I don’t want the movie to end!

Deadpool 2 will be in theaters on May 18!


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