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Check Out the Trailer for Death on the Nile

Not that we’re going to get movies back in theaters anytime soon, but here’s a new trailer for the Death on the Nile movie. This is a sequel to Murder on the Orient Express, which starred Kenneth Branagh as legendary detective Hercule Poirot.

I liked Murder on the Orient Express, and I liked Branagh as Poirot, so I think it would be fun to turn this into a whole series. I’ve never read either book, let alone any other Poirot mysteries, but it could be really fun.

Death on the Nile, in theory, is scheduled to come to theaters on Oct. 23. We’ll see.


Avengers: Endgame Easter Egg Was Actually Pointing to this X-Men MCU Debut All Along!

You guys are not going to believe this! I’ve got here a scoop hot off my own brain that’s going to blow everybody’s minds! Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe pore over every tidbit and morsel to find some hint about what the future might hold — and I’ve discovered something that’s going to put every other fan theory and Easter Egg idea to shame! Because I am just that damn smart!

So OK, we all know that scene in Avengers: Endgame where Okoye mentions an “earthquake under the ocean” to Black Widow. Right? Everybody knows that scene!

This scene!

Now, a lot of fools thought this was a hint towards Namor the Sub-Mariner. Because it’s underwater, obviously. But that’s nonsense. Namor can’t cause earthquakes. What were those people thinking?!

But I’ve figured it out! The greatest Easter Egg of all time! The first real, proper hint of the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Because who causes earthquakes? That’s right: Rictor!

Boom! Consider your mind blown!

Hello?! Isn’t it obvious? The first mutant ever mentioned in the MCU is going to be that random hanger-on from various X-Force and/or X-Factor comics! Because he causes earthquakes with his mutant powers! And They mentioned earthquakes!

So it must be Rictor! He’s probably going to be the first mutant to ever show up in an MCU movie. The fans are going to love him.

What’s not to love?

What else could cause that underwater earthquake that was so important it warranted a single line of dialogue in Avengers: Endgame? Are you going to try and tell me it was Avalanche instead of Rictor? Don’t be silly.

Clearly that single, innocuous line of dialogue was hinting towards Rictor and X-Force and mutants in the MCU. It’s so obvious.

There’s no way it was just a natural, undersea event meant to highlight Nat’s growing sense of uselessness. The only sensible meaning is Rictor.

Which obviously also means Shatterstar! You heard it here first folks: MCU Phase 5 will kick off with a Rictor and Shatterstar movie where they go on a journey under the sea!


How About Some of Them There Comic-Con Trailers!

This past weekend was Comic-Con @ Home, and I guess it went fine. Obviously it wasn’t full of the normally epic reveals and trailers we get when the world isn’t on fire, but there was plenty of good stuff revealed. And since I was lazy and didn’t post it already, I’m just going to lump a bunch of cool trailers together!

First up is Bill & Ted: Face the Music. I’ve been wary about this film…but this trailer is so much fun it won me over!

That was some solid Bill & Ted energy! The movie is coming Video-on-Demand on Sept. 4, so that’s pretty cool. Most movies are being pushed back to a theatrical release next year, but it’ll be nice to have some movies at all this year.

Next up is Truth Seekers, a ghost-hunting parody show starring Nick Frost that’s coming to Amazon.

Seems pretty fun. This was heralded as the return of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg working together, but Pegg is barely in the trailer. Still, I’ll check this out for Frost and the concept alone.

Lastly is a trailer for the third season of Infinity Train. Don’t watch this if you wan’t already seen seasons 1 and 2! Infinity Train is a special little show, and it’s coming to HBO Max, where hopefully more people can see it!

Looks damn cool! Season 3 comes out on Aug. 13.


A Super-Powered Drug Movie is Coming to Netflix!

Now is the time that Netflix should be stepping up its game! Hollywood is over. There are no theaters anymore and any big blockbuster film has been delayed until October at the earliest. Netflix original movies are some of the only movies were ever getting anymore!

So here comes Project Power with Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It looks very good, at the very least. Literally. It looks good. The special effects seem really top notch in displaying super powers in a movie. And maybe the story and characters are fun too! We only have to wait until Aug. 14 to find out!


The Old Guard is Coming

I’ve never read The Old Guard, a comic by Greg Rucka about an immortal race of ass-kickers. But the movie adaptation is coming to Netflix in a week!

As someone who loves watching movies, I’m glad at least something is coming out during this global pandemic. I have to hope this’ll be good. Or at least fun. Charlize Theron is always a hoot. So let’s give The Old Guard a try!


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