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Now Black Adam Looks Good

A new trailer for the Black Adam movie arrived on the internet yesterday and this one actually looks good. I haven’t been all that interested in Black Adam and all previous trailers have been pretty lackluster. It just looks like the Rock is going to embrace every available cliche to bring this largely uninteresting character to life.

But this new trailer looks pretty darn cool!

I’m definitely not the only person more excited to see the Justice Society in action. I’m not a Justice Society fan, but there appears to be a lot of care and detail put into bringing the likes of Hawkman and Dr. Fate to life. That’s cool as heck. And Black Adam…still looks and acts like a cliche-ridden Rock.

I guess we’ll find out! Black Adam comes to theaters on Oct. 21.


Our First Look at Glass Onion, the Knives Out Sequel

We’ve finally got a trailer for Glass Onion, the sequel to the exceptionally good murder mystery Knives Out from a couple of years ago. That movie was such a success that writer/director Rian Johnson is going to do a whole bunch of Benoit Blanc mysteries, thanks to some generous funding from Netflix. I am totally on board with this!

The trailer looks great! Very stylish, and with a great cast of characters. It’s a shame that Blanc will no longer have his various sidekicks from the first movie, because his chemistry with Ana de Armas was magical. But such is the life of a wandering super detective!

Glass Onion comes to Netflix later this year!


The Weird Al Movie Will Save Us All

The geniuses of the world have gotten together to make a Weird Al Yankovic biopic for the Roku…streaming service? Channel? What is The Roku Channel? I have no idea. But that doesn’t matter! We’re getting a biopic parody film starring Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al!

Honestly, part of me wonders if this whole movie can live up to the short and sweet humor of the trailer. How do you take some of those short, snappy parody moments in that trailer and turn them into full scenes of a movie? Maybe it’s only a half hour movie. I dunno. I just love what I’m seeing and can’t wait to watch the whole thing!

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story comes to whatever The Roku Channel is on Nov. 4!


Pinnochio Live Action Trailer

Man, what a Monday. No good movies are coming out anytime soon. I gotta go to work in a bit, when all I wanna do is stay home and play more Total War: Warhammer 3. They released Immortal Empires, you guys! Anyway, the Pinnochio live action movie from Disney dropped a trailer.

And it looks kinda bland. Disney live action movies no longer excite me, if they ever did. And this one looks like a pretty clear 1-for-1 remake of Pinnochio. It’s coming to Disney+ next week, so we can all watch it then. But we’re all probably better off waiting for Guillermo del Toro’s stop-motion animation Pinnochio movie in December.

Because of course there are two competing PInnochio movies coming out now.


Thor Through the Decades, Animated

Tell It Animated is back with Thor! And again, the video has come out a month after the movie it should have been synergizing with. Oh well. It’s still another fun video because this dude does good work.

Another fun video and all our Mondays are better because of it. Though I think he forgot Thor’s appearance in Adventures in Babysitting. That’s a pretty big sin. But he does a perfectly fine job with all the other MCU Thor appearances. So a good time has been had by all!

And, as always, in the off chance the creator sees this, do Robin next!


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