6 Jedi Who Could Use Some Tales

The new animated Star Wars show Tales of the Jedi was announced this past weekend at D23 and it looks promising. I’ve always wanted to see some of the adventures of the young Qui-Gon Jinn and Count Dooku. Because why not? Could be an interesting time period.

Baby Ahsoka merch incoming

And because I’m still sick at home with COVID, I wanted an easy List of Six. So here are some other Jedi who, I think, deserve some tales of their own. Let’s check out their younger years, see what they were up to. What kind of mischief did they engage in? What life-altering decisions were made? What galaxy-spanning mischief occurred? We’ll only know when they get around to these six Jedi!

6. Ki-Adi-Mundi

He had a good life

I’ve always been a Ki-Adi-Mundi fan for the dumbest of reasons. When Episode 1 first came out, Dark Horse did some stories about a younger Ki-Adi-Mundi in their comics. I can still remember flipping through those comics when I was a wee lad at the grocery store, back when grocery stores had a comic book section. Ever since, he’s always been just an interesting character to me. He’s obviously lived a nice, long life. What was he like as a younger Jedi? Maybe slip in some A’Sharad Hett? Just spitballing stuff I want to see brought into the new canon.

5. Plo Koon

What’s up with his face?

Everybody loves Plo Koon for some reason. I’ve never seen the appeal. He looks freaky deaky, which is good. And he was playable in Jedi Power Battles, which was a great game for the original Playstation. So yeah, why not some animated shorts about Plo Koon as a younger Jedi? What was he like as a Padawan? Was he pals with Qui-Gon Jinn? Was he a total badass before he joined the Council? I’m sure we’ll find out someday.

4. Oppo Rancisis

Is there a person in there or is it animatronic?

Why have we never had any Oppo Rancisis content? Somebody went to all the trouble to create this crazy looking son of a gun, so why have we never expanded on how he exists? How does he breathe? How does he wield a lightsaber? What was he like as a child? Tales of the Jedi is the perfect way to finally reveal all the really weird secrets of Oppo Rancisis. But not Yarael Poof. Nuts to that guy!

3. Obi-Wan Kenobi

From birth to death, we must know it all

If we’re going to see teenage Qui-Gon Jinn being a padawan, surely we’ll get some scenes of toddler Obi-Wan Kenobi waddling around the Jedi Temple, right? Qui-Gon can swing by the Jedi Hatchery, or wherever babies come from, and pay a visit to a particularly bold and courageous baby Jedi? Although now that I think about it, the ages probably don’t match up…

2. Yoda

I bet he wasn’t always bald

Just pop the seal and give us stories about a young Yoda already. They’ve included the ancient Jedi Master in the High Republic material, but he’s already old and wizened by then. What was he like as a youngster? I know a lot about Yoda is off-limited, especially now that we’ve got Grogu to explore. But hopefully someday we’ll get to see what this species is like when they’re moody teenagers.

1. Palpatine

Why do I picture him as a redhead as a younger man?

I’ve always wanted to see some stories about a younger Palpatine. I know there’s a book on the subject, but books are not the same as animated shorts on Disney+. Who was this human Force-user that the Jedi never found? How’d the Sith find him? Was he a maniac as a young man? Did the Dark Side turn him evil? What was his own Force training like? How’d he get into politics? Did his Sith mentor ever take him around Coruscant while he was a teenager, keeping this dark secret of theirs? I think his life would be fun explore, especially since we first meet him in canon as an already old man.


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