6 Things I Want to See in a New Spider-Man Movie Trilogy

Spider-Man: No Way Home was an awesome movie and a great origin story for actor Tom Holland to truly become a classic Spider-Man. In a perfect world, Holland would be 100% on board with keeping the character moving forward, giving us another full trilogy or series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The powers that be at Marvel and Sony have said they’re already working on a new trilogy, though Holland has been real cagey about his involvement.

I need to watch this movie again

Assuming we do get Tom Holland back in the spider-tights and we continue the story of the MCU Peter Parker, what are we going to get? The ending to Spider-Man: No Way Home is rather perfect to springboard into more movies, and there is a ton of Spider-Man content from the comics we could explore. Also in this perfect world of mine, Marvel Studios actually reads this blog and takes some of my ideas! So what do I, a major fan of the MCU and Spider-Man in general, want to see in a future Tom Holland trilogy of films?

Join me after the jump for some of my ideas. I’ll try to keep SPOILERS for No Way Home to a minimum, but definitely don’t read if you don’t want to know anything about the movie. And feel free to share your own thoughts and hopes in the comments!

6. Classic Prowler

Classic green and purple

I am a big fan of the classic comic book Prowler, whose real name is Hobie Brown. I love the trope of villains becoming good guys, and Hobie fits that to a T. He was a low-level criminal with noble intentions, and Spider-Man convinced him to give up on crime and take up crime-fighting instead. From there, Prowler and Spidey were pals. They weren’t partners or anything. Spider-Man just had another superhero ally on the streets, one who existed solely within the Spidey franchise. Obviously Spider-Man is friends with plenty of heroes, like Daredevil or the Human Torch, but Prowler was a costumed pal who only really existed in Spidey’s circle. I liked that, and I think it would be a fun part of a new story going forward.

Peter Parker will need a new supporting cast, and I think Hobie Brown could be a good choice. A villain that Spidey convinces to do good. I think their relationship from the comics would be fun to see on the big screen, providing something new to this new trilogy. Of course, classic Prowler would have to overcome the fact that the “Prowler” identity is more famously worn by Aaron Davis, uncle to Miles Morales, who was played by Donald Glover in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Can Marvel movies have two Prowlers? The comics have done it before!

5. Shooting photos for the Daily Bugle

No school like the old school

This is a bit of old school Spider-Man stuff…but what’s wrong with that? In the comics, Peter Parker hasn’t been a photographer for the Daily Bugle for years. He definitely hasn’t been taking pictures of Spider-Man to make a living, selling them to J. Jonah Jameson. But it’s such a fun, classic set-up, so why not bring it back? No Way Home establishes Jameson and The Daily Bugle for the 21st century. So I think the new trilogy should take advantage of that and put Peter Parker to work. I don’t necessarily know what Peter could do for the new Daily Bugle. Manage their social media? Still sell them pictures of Spider-Man? Paparazzi are still a thing in this world, even if print journalism is dead.

4. Don’t overdo the Spider-Verse

Live action all of them

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the greatest Spider-Man movie ever made. Spider-Man: No Way Home clearly rides that movie’s coattails, but does so in an amazing and hugely successful way. All that being said, I don’t want the future of the Spider-Man franchise to just be interdimensional crossovers. We’re getting the Across the Spider-Verse sequel later this year, and I’m fine if those animated movies want to keep it going. I’d even be in favor of Tom Holland’s MCU Spidey showing up in those movies. But live action Spider-Man should not just be Spider-cameo movies all the time. We don’t need Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield to keep coming back. We don’t need to constantly be fighting villains from the Multiverse. Just put Spidey back to his normal self and come up with stories around that.

3. Minor villain cameos

I need more Bokeem Woodbine in things

Spider-Man has a ton of big name villains that all could easily headline a movie. Even B-list guys like Vulture, Sandman and Mysterio have had their own movies. Eight movies in and the filmmakers don’t want to repeat themselves when it comes to villains. There are plenty of big names left, like Scorpion, Kraven and Hobgoblin, just to name a few. But what about the minor villains that likely couldn’t carry their own movie? Why not throw them in as fun cameos? If we need a montage of Spider-Man fighting crime, why not throw in a quick appearance by Big Wheel? Or Slyde? Or the Kangaroo? If you want to start your movie with an action scene, what better way than to bring back Bokeem Woodbine as the Shocker, complete with a full costume this time? Let’s have some fun with a bigger, more well-round rogues gallery.

Speaking of which…

2. Black Cat as a love interest

She’s on his level

It is long past time we had Black Cat show up in a Spider-Man movie. She may be very, very similar to Catwoman, who is going to star in the new The Batman movie this year. But Felicia Hardy has a lot going for her on her own. She’s also a great addition to Spider-Man’s inner circle, especially for the movie franchise going forward. No Way Home ends with Peter Parker letting go of his civilian friends and embracing life more as Spider-Man. So what better way to underline that idea than if his new girlfriend/love interest is another costumed person? It would be a fun storyline to explore, and has yet to be done in the Spidey live action films.

1. Fantastic Four crossover

I guess I just want Spider-Man to have more friends

The Fantastic Four movie is on the way, and it’s going to be directed by Jon Watts, the director behind all three MCU Spidey films. So that sounds like an easy crossover to me? I’ve always enjoyed Peter’s role as the ‘fun cousin/uncle’ of the Fantastic Four. And it would be neat to translate into the movies. Granted, it would also be awesome if Spider-Man joined the Young Avengers or whatever new Avengers comes next. But seeing Spidey team up with whatever we get out of the Fantastic Four would be even better!


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