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The 6 Craziest Members of the Shazam! Family (the Shazamily!)

Shazam! comes out this weekend and I’m mildly excited. That’s a good enough reason to make a fun internet list, right? I’ve just never really cared about the Shazam character, I’m only mildly interested in all these DC superhero movies, and I still can’t buy Zachary Levi in the role. Hopefully all of that will change once I see the actual film!

Shazamily List 01

The box says “Cola”, so he didn’t even buy beer

And at least I can get a fun blog listicle about it. When Captain Marvel came out, I did a funny list of all the best Captain Marvels in comics. So how about a funny list of all the best Shazams in comics? Because Shazam is one of those characters with a big, weird comic book family. They were once known as the Marvel Family, but how has the phrase “Shazamily” not caught on?

The character very nearly predates World War II, and being around that long means there have been a lot of weird stories over the years. So let’s check out all of the craziest people who have been given Shazam powers over the decades! Or close to it!

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Speaking of Captain Marvel Movies…Shazam!

There’s another Captain Marvel-ish movie coming out soon, and it’s called Shazam! How about a trailer for that movie?

Everybody knows about the phenomenon of releasing two very similar movies in close proximity. They’re called Twin Films. And I think this is the first superhero Twin Film. How is it that both Captain Marvel movies, one from Marvel and one from DC, are coming out so close together after a decade+ of superhero movie domination?

Anyway, I hope this one is good too, though I still have trouble seeing Zachary Levi as the Big Red Cheese.


DC Brings Even More Movie Trailers – Shazam! and Aquaman!

Just when I thought I could stop posting new movie trailers from San Diego Comic-Con, DC and Warner Bros. hit us with the trailers for their next big superhero movies: Shazam! and Aquaman! Seeing as how I’m a sucker for superhero movies, you’re darn right I’m posting these two trailers!

Shazam! looks pretty good, even though I still can’t get past seeing Zachary Levi as anything other than Zachary Levi.

But I definitely like the trailer. It looks neat and has a nice gimmick.

However, the Aquaman trailer looks cheesy and messy and a little too crazy.

I don’t care for that trailer. It leans way too hard on the big CGI nonsense of Atlantis than on anything I might be interested in. And while I still like Jason Momoa in the role, he’s really only in this trailer to deliver one-liners when they cut to him. And they’re not even good ones.

Mera jumps out of a plane without a parachute, and the only thing the writers could come up with was a crack about redheads? Really? Is there that little creativity put into this film?

Of course, you’re darn right I’m going to see it when it comes out!


I’m Still Uneasy About Our First Official Look at Shazam!

I don’t know about you, but I am uneasy about casting Zachary Levi as Shazam in the upcoming Shazam! movie. I loved Levi in Chuck (until that show broke my heart), but for some reason, I just can’t see him as anything other than Zachary Levi when he has another role. When he showed up as Fandral in Thor: The Dark World, I didn’t see Fandral, I saw Levi in a blonde wig and goatee.

So I just don’t know if I’m going to buy him as Shazam in the upcoming movie.

Shazam First Look 01

Yep, Cola, that’s exactly what two kids who suddenly have access to an adult body would buy and drink

That’s our first official look at Levi in costume, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. There were some leaks online previously, but I think I was too lazy to share those. It happens.

I like the costume, it looks fine. But there’s just that nagging feeling in the back of my head that Levi isn’t going to be able to pull it off. Possibly because I keep picturing Shazam as his Justice League cartoon version, the big, brawny guy that’s built like a barn. Levi is still kind of a shrimp. I’m sure he bulked up for the role and looks like a muscular god, but he’s still got a small frame.

I dunno. We’ll see. I just wanted to share the picture.

And complain a little that it’s madness that DC wouldn’t put the Rock’s Black Adam in this movie. If you’ve cast the Rock as Black Adam, and you’re making a Shazam movie, why the flippin’ hell do you not put those two things together immediately?!


The Official List of Upcoming DC Comics Movies!

Batman v. Superman. Suicide Squad. Wonder Woman. Flash. Cyborg. Aquaman. Green Lantern. Shazam. Two Justice Leagues.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have some major plans!

At a Warner Bros. shareholders meeting today, the company unveiled its upcoming film slate. Along with LEGO Movie sequels and that Harry Potter spin-off, DC has superhero movies planned through 2020!

That list is both insane and awesome! Sounds like a pretty solid plan for movies, though I’m surprised that DC isn’t going to try to do a new solo Batman film or even a proper Man of Steel sequel sometime in the next 5-6 years. They’re risking a lot by hoping that audiences like the less marquee heroes like Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman.

But hey, as a comic book fan, I’m excited! Some people out there might not like the onslaught of comic book movies we’re getting these days, but I’m in love! Bring’em on, good or bad!


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