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The Incredibles 2 Gets an Incredible New Trailer, Too

I skipped posting this new trailer last week because I wanted to save something to post today. It’s my day off from work and I’m feeling lazy. Good thing we’ve got this awesome trailer for Incredibles 2 to bask in!

Movie looks great! Can’t wait to see it! Now back to being lazy with my day…



First Incredibles 2 Trailer is Incredible!

I bet you didn’t realize you were going to get a new trailer for Incredibles 2 today, but here we are! And it’s pretty darn amazing!

The Incredibles is probably my favorite Pixar movie, so of course the hype is through the roof on this one. And this little snippet of trailer is more than enough proof that the film is going to probably be amazing! Here’s hoping!

Incredibles 2 comes out on June 15!


Incredibles 2 Is On The Way!

My favorite Pixar movie is The Incredibles, for reasons that should be obvious if you’re reading my blog. So of course I was excited to see the first teaser trailer for Incredibles 2! Which is definitely happening!

And if that wasn’t enough Incredibles for you to love, how about the How Incredibles Should Have Ended video? At least these parody videos are still pure and unburdened by controversy and horribleness!

This one was kind of garbage though. Quality initial joke, for how the movie should have ended. But then it falls back on some Batman/Superman cafe thing with Elastigirl that I just don’t get or remember. I dunno. I’m probably in the minority here, but I just don’t think cutting to these Batman/Superman cafe scenes are as funny or witty as the creators think. Especially when it’s implied that, like, Superman slept with Mr. Incredibles’ wife? That’s just disrespectful.


There’s a New Pixar Movie Coming Out!

Question for the group: have we passed the point where original Pixar movies are guaranteed to be amazing? I enjoyed Inside Out, sure, but I don’t think it holds a candle to stuff like The Incredibles, Wall-E or any of the Toy Storys. Whereas stuff like Brave and The Good Dinosaur (which I still haven’t seen) disappoint. So when we see the trailer for Coco…are we guaranteed an amazing movie?

It looks amazing, sure! I’ll gladly grant it that. But when we’ve got stuff like Wreck-It Ralph and Moana coming out of Disney, and Kubo and the Two Strings (spoiler alert: he had three strings)¬†from Laika, are we really just going to roll over and let Pixar stay at the top of the hill? I suppose we’ll see when Coco comes out later this year.


Movie Criticism is Better Than Politics

It’s Super Tuesday, and that means a whole heck of a lot in the world of American politics. I would rather no deal with that insanity, so instead, let’s poke fun at Monsters University! I mean, what the heck was up with Monsters University?

Seriously, let’s not worry about politics today. If anything, you should go watch John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. That’s all the politics any of us will ever need. Even if Cinema Sins is pretty good too. They really delved into this one.

You know what my biggest complaint is about Monsters University? It’s that all of the monsters look the same. Other than Mike, Sully and the main characters, all the background monsters are the same kind of rainbow furry and generic. It’s kind of disheartening.


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