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Temptation Comes for Woody Again in Toy Story 4

Man, Woody really has a hard time learning his lesson, doesn’t he? How many times is Woody going to be tempted into settling for a life beyond belonging to his chosen child? And how many times is he going to go back to that child?

At least once more, it seems. Here comes Toy Story 4!

I like the Toy Story films as much as the next person, but it’s OK to let a good thing come to an end at the appropriate time. What’s the driving story this time? That Woody has to be tempted by life in a carnival? Instead of in a museum or in a daycare? What the heck would Woody even do in a carnival?

Not to mention all the weird existential questions that arise from the introduction of Forky. The Toy Story universe doesn’t need any more existential questions!



Some Only Leigh to Brighten Our Days

I’m going to level with you henchies: I’m on vacation, and man, is it easy to be lazy on vacation. I could be talking about the possible casting of Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie, or I could be grousing about the weird new origin for Doctor Doom in the new Fantastic Four movie, but I really don’t care. Those are pop culture concerns for another day! Me? I’m watching new Only Leigh cartoons!

Life is good. Don’t ever forget that.


When All Else Fails, Turn to Cinema Sins

Rumor is circulating on the Internet today that TNT wants to do a Teen Titans TV show starring Nightwing. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about this. So in the mean time, Cinema Sins?

They make this job look easy!


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