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6 Reasons Why I Should Buy a Nintendo Switch During Quarantine

These are troubling times. We are, all of us, living in interesting times as a deadly virus sweeps across the globe. I’ve been working from home for 2 1/2 weeks now with no sign of life going back to normal. I might not even have my job at the end of this — if there is an end of this. The world may never be the same ever again due to the coronavirus.

So I’m here to explain to you all why I should go out and buy a Nintendo Switch.

Switch N List 01

Look, I know what you’re going to say. But I’ve given this a lot of thought and I have, like, six really good reasons why I should load up and order a brand, spanking new Nintendo Switch video game console. And a couple games. Granted, as I’m writing this, it’s currently sold out, but it wasn’t sold out a couple days ago, which means it’ll be in stock again someday. And I should buy one. Yep. For the full $300, plus a couple games. Trust me on this.

In fact, join me after the jump for all the very good, well-thought-out reasons why I should buy a Nintendo Switch while self-isolating at home.

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Behold, Our New Pokemon Starters!

The new starters for Pokemon Sun and Moon were revealed today, and I definitely think I’m going with the kitty cat.

That’s Rowlett the grass type, Litten the fire type and Popplio the water type. The cat looks cool as heck, so I think I’m definitely down for the Litten this go around. But we’ll see how their evolutions play out. If that seal/clown thing gets really cool by the end, I might have to switch. The owl does nothing for me.

You can find more information about them at the official website.

There’s an introductory video too, and we get to see the new iconic Legendary pokemon. Sun gets a lion and Moon gets a bat.

Even though bats are my favorite animal, I can’t quite decide which I like better! That lion would go well with my new Litten…

Either way, I’m just grateful that I won’t need to buy a new handheld console to play this game. Seriously, twice now in my life I have bought a brand new Nintendo DS just to play the new Pokemon game. That is not responsible adulting. The game comes out on Nov. 18.

What do you henchies think? Got a favorite choice already? Let me know in the comments!


For Some Reason, This Was the Week to Pick on Super Mario Bros.

Like a phantom from our forgotten past, the Internet movie critiques have decided that this was the week to make fun of the Super Mario Bros. movie. It’s a terrible movie, but why this week? Is it because of Pixels? Maybe…

First up is the Honest Trailer.

Followed by Cinema Sins, which lasts for 20+ minutes!

There’s a lot wrong with this movie. And for anybody interested, you can also check out the Rifftrax! This is such a terrible, terrible film. I don’t know if all these clips even scratch the surface.

Also, when are they going to do Space Jam?


Mario Kart Fury Road

I really need to make time to go see Mad Max Fury Road. I’m hearing amazing things! But I’m a busy, lazy man, Henchies.

There’s also the fact that I’ve only ever seen one Mad Max movie prior to this. I understand one doesn’t need to see the previous movies to understand Fury Road, so that’s cool. But I still gotta find the time somehow. Big props to sundbergkr for today’s video!


Internet Like This Makes Me Giddy!

Behold the glory of the Avengers/Nintendo mash-up!

That Hulk reveal? Totally worth it! James Farr and company make these parodies all the time, and they’re all glorious. The animation is slick, the video game references are off the chain; this is just a great way to start a Monday!

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