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Sometimes All You Need On a Tuesday is a Mario/Taken Parody

Fortunately for us all, WTFLOL was kind enough to provide. This sort of thing is the bread and butter of the Internet, and it’s pretty well made and funny. I’m fairly certain all references in this trailer are old enough to attend middle school now, but it’s still some quality Internetting. Kudos!

And thank you to Henchgirl Alyssa for finding and sharing this gem.



Blue Shell Blues

Looks like at least Nintendo WiiU (Wii2?) understands the power of the wacky Internet thing. They commissioned a song from the Brett Domino Trio to commemorate the new Mario Kart.

But seeing as how I barely have a Wii at my place, I won’t be playing. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a wacky Internet song. Maybe ‘Blue Shell Blues’ will become the new ‘Ironic’.

What is the Deal with Fire Flowers?

I mean, they can’t be flowers if they’re on fire right? But then they’re not on fire! And other crappy Seinfeld puns. Somebody awesome made a Seinfeld/Mario Bros. mash-up for the rest of us to enjoy!

That somebody awesome was Esquirebob Animations!

While the boss is away: One hench-person’s top six video game themes

Thank God.  I thought he’d never leave.
Until the boss returns, this site belongs to the henchmen.  Viva la revolution!

Now that we have some time to ourselves, I thought I’d rate for you my arbitrarily-numbered favourite themes from video games.  Just in case you’ve missed out on the past 20 years of video game development, they’re as much a musical experience as they are visual and tactile.  For many gamers, the music of video games has stayed with us long after the games themselves have found their way onto a lonely shelf.  Let’s take a look back, shall we?

6. Super Mario Brothers

It’s not always style or beauty in the music itself that captivates us.  This song, playful and upbeat, represents an entire generation of gamers from the very start of the home console.


5. Tetris

This isn’t the first time the Tetris theme has made it onto this blog, and for good reason.  This theme echos the methodical approach to Tetris’s gameplay, and at times the frantic rush that comes with the more difficult stages.

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