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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 3/12/16

Is anybody else excited for March? By this time next week, we’ll all be buried in the second season of Daredevil! That is beyond exciting! And by this time in two weeks, we’ll all have seen Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice! For some reason, March 2016 is a good month in geekiness.

So it’s good that we have good comics, too! This week delivered more solid goodness from Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Ms. Marvel, Starfire and more. They were so good, I kind of think I should start reviewing other comics, because I praise these too much.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Mighty Thor #5, as Jason Aaron delivers more than a few showstoppers!

Feels like somebody is missing…

Speaking of good comics, remember to mark your calendars for April 2, when the new Kickstarter for Gamer Girl & Vixen launches! In fact, I think I’ll have some even bigger news about my comic tomorrow! So come back then!

Comic Book Reviews: All-New Wolverine #6, Doctor Strange #6, Mighty Thor #5, Ms. Marvel #5 and Starfire 10.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 11/21/15

This is the week. There are a lot of good comics out this week, and I wish I’d found the time to get to even more of them, but this week is special because of the return of two of my favorite comics: Ms. Marvel and The Mighty Thor! These are some of the best in the industry right now, and their returns are most welcome!

But surprisingly, Comic Book of the Week goes to Astonishing Ant-Man #2! Another one of Marvel’s gems, the new issue of Ant-Man delivers a wonderfully entertaining issue that edges out the two more hotly anticipated comics because of the return of a recent favorite character of mine!

Let’s welcome back Miss Thing!

Many happy returns!

And as a special bonus later today, tune in to the Geekamole Youtube channel this afternoon as I join frequent Henchman commenter Maus Merryjest for his weekly pop culture podcast! We talk about Teen Titans, Iceman and much more! If you’ve ever wanted to listen to me talk about comics instead of reading them, now is your chance.

Doubly also, we’ve got some big Gamer Girl & Vixen news coming soon! And if you helped out my Kickstarter last summer, then your comics should be arriving very soon!

Comic Reviews: Astonishing Ant-Man #2, Huck #1, Mighty Thor #1, Ms. Marvel #1, Spider-Woman #1, Titans Hunt #2 and Vader Down #1.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 5/16/15

If you haven’t seen the news yet, the Gamer Girl & Vixen Kickstarter has officially launched! This is my first self-published comic and my first Kickstarter, so you better believe I’m going to be on pins and needles for the next month! Click on over and check out the Kickstarter, my comic reviews will wait.

Back? Alright, on with the reviews! This was a pretty great week for me, seeing as how we got new issues of both Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, and both were really good. We also got new issues of Thor, Darth Vader and Silk, three more of my favorite comics. But only one can win Comic Book of the Week, and that would be Captain Marvel #15 as writer Kelly Sue DeConnick signs off ahead of Secret Wars. It’s a very touching, enjoyable issue.

Those faces!

Of course, it’s just my luck that Carol finally returns to Earth just in time to go on hiatus for Secret Wars. But I’m pretty sure the issue where she finally meets Kamala Khan is coming up! Somebody remind me to track that down.

Over at Word of the Nerd, you can read my continuing coverage of Secret Wars. It’s still pretty good so far. And much like Convergence at DC Comics, I really don’t think I’m going to be touching many of the tie-in comics. So honestly, I’m not sure what I’m going to even review for the next few months…so maybe indie comic bonanza!

Comic Reviews: Captain Marvel #15, Darth Vader #5, Ms. Marvel #15, Silk #4 and Thor #8.

Hey, speaking of indie comics, did you hear that I’m running a Kickstarter?

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 4/18/15

With DC Comics still mired in the murk of Convergence, I get the chance to go outside my wheelhouse this week! Alongside a couple of outstanding Marvel titles, we’ve got the latest issue of Lumberjanes, a series I have been ignoring for too darn long, as well as the first issue of Bloodshot Reborn from Valiant Comics. Valiant has been doing their best to make waves, recently, and I say more power to them.

Though Comic Book of the Week goes to Ms. Marvel #14 for continuing what may be my favorite storyline of the fledgling series so far!

Secret Wars is going to be a real slog at Marvel if we don’t get our monthly Ms. Marvel fix!

Over at Word of the Nerd, you can check out my review of Uncanny X-Men #33. Normally I’d be all over that comic in this column, but Bendis takes a break from his ongoing Cyclops strolling for a filler issue. So no harm done.

Also, only two more weeks until Avengers: Age of Ultron! The anticipation grows stronger with every passing day.

Comic Reviews: Bloodshot Reborn #1, Lumberjanes #13, Ms. Marvel #14 and Thor #7.

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The All-New, All-Different Avengers Kind of Puts the Kibosh on that Whole Reboot Idea

The first hints of a post-Secret Wars Marvel were revealed to the Internet yesterday with the team lineup of the All-New, All-Different Avengers. This is the first official look of what the Marvel Universe will be like in the Fall, when Marvel promised a big reboot! Or Marvel promised a big change and a lot of people assumed that meant a reboot. Me? I was never convinced, and this new cover image backs up my theories.

Take a look at it and tell me what you see.

Green hands? Brown ground?

I see Ms. Marvel, Lady Thor, Sam Alexander as Nova and Sam Wilson as Captain America; otherwise known as the exact same lineup of characters in a pre-Secret Wars world. So if Marvel were actually going to go through with a reboot, wouldn’t none of these characters exist?

Granted, the addition of Miles Morales means a whole heck of a lot. But that’s something to unpack on another day.

All I’m worried about today is the fact that, when Secret Wars is over, the Marvel Universe is going to be largely the same. It’ll have the same characters in most likely the same situations. Yes, some things will be different, some characters and status quos might be switched around, but the Marvel Universe isn’t going anywhere.


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