Marvel Universe To..Do Something, Possibly End

Marvel revealed the details of their upcoming Secret Wars event today, simultaneously kind of announcing the end of the Marvel Universe. I guess it all depends on what you want to read into Marvel’s marketing dialogue. Personally, I’m in a wait and see kind of mood, but the rest of the comic book Internet media is pretty convinced this is a reboot and will mark the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it. Those are definitely some major headlines.

What we know is that Secret Wars will see a clash between the regular 616 Marvel Universe, the Ultimate Universe and a bunch of other alternate realities. They will combine into Battleworld, and will mostly likely get into a bunch of fights with each other, this being Secret Wars, after all.

Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said, “Once we hit Secret Wars #1, there is no Marvel Universe, Ultimate Universe, or any other. It’s all Battleworld.”

Beta Ray Bill had better survive

Alonso and company went on to say that at the end of Secret Wars, we’ll have a new, re-shaped Marvel Universe. I guess the idea is that the 616 Universe, the Ultimate Universe, and bits and pieces of the other alternate universes will all combine into a new, singular universe that will be christened All-New Marvel.

Is it a reboot? We don’t know yet. Marvel were quick to point out that all of the characters’ histories remain in tact. Secret Wars is a story moving forward, so everything we already know happened, then Secret Wars happened, then things changed into All-New Marvel. Secret Wars isn’t going to wipe out or rewrite the past, just the future. That sounds like a weak Band-Aid to me, but it’s the sort of Band-Aid a company like Marvel is going to try and use to appease fans. Personally, I’ve grown past the point of getting freaked out over every little change. I’m more interested in the basic idea that Marvel keeps putting out quality comics.

Which means I’m just going to wait and see what Marvel produces in the Fall. Will it be a blank slate reboot? Maybe. Or will it be business as usual, but with a few random characters crammed in, like Miles Morales in 616? Maybe that too.

Something has to happen to him…

I’m more excited than anything else. Marvel is putting out great comics these days, and there’s no reason why my favorite books, like Ms. Marvel or Silver Surfer, can’t just continue in this All-New Marvel. So until the company announces a weak-ass New 52-style destruction of all my favorite comics, I’m just going to coast along and hope for the best. There’s probably very little that will ever get me to stop reading comics.

But I will take it personally if they put the New 52 whammy on Kamala Khan!

What do you henchies think? Are we going to get a full reboot? Is this Marvel’s secret way of making their comic universe more like the movie universe? Are you going to stop reading Marvel forever? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I am scared, When dc did this they ruined Tm Drake. I am worried for mainly Spider-man. I have always loved his lore. I am also a heavy MJ/PP shipper. It looks like they will be back together so that makes me happy, but i am still fearful

    • The last thing Marvel is going to do is alter Spider-Man. If anybody comes through this largely unscathed, a la Batman in the New 52, it’ll be Spidey.

      • what you said gives me hope.

      • I would find it absolutely hilarious if Marvel basically pulled off a Crisis better than DC- and they’ve been doing the Crisis thing for three decades now.

        Sad thing is that I’m more of a DC fan than of Marvel, but the past years have made me care very little about DC- because the New 52 by and large are not comics about their best characters. They’re comics about characters who -look- like their best characters, but have very little in common with what made them great characters (Notable exceptions being Grayson and similar titles, but they’re a tiny sample versus an ocean of Lobdell, Nocenti, Finch and Pfeiffer crap.) Still- the Titans will always be my favorite Team and Beast Boy/Changeling my favorite character… even if I have to limit myself to the Wolfman era, and the era starting with Johns and ending with the final book before the New52 (those last few pages, damn…)

        There are books I have come to love from Marvel lately, and Kamala’s book is right at the top.

        So… maybe if Marvel can pull it off, maybe DC will learn.

        (Not crossing my fingers.)

        Please, make mine Marvel…

      • I’m definitely confident that, in planning this, Marvel took a long hard look at what succeeded and what failed with the New 52. That’s why I’m hoping this change won’t be like wiping the slate clean and instead just some general tinkering, so a book like Ms. Marvel can come through unfazed instead of getting a full overhaul like the New 52 books.

  2. Meh, I’m not too enthused about this at the moment. Though i admittedly don’t know much about it. It certainly sounds like shades of Crisis on Infinite Earths to me though. I’ll read it, if only because it sounds like it will be too epic and game changing for me to ignore.

    • I didn’t read Flashpoint despite knowing where it was leading. I don’t think this Secret Wars deserves much enthusiasm either. I’m just gonna ride it out and see what happens, with some coverage here on my blog, probably.

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