The All-New, All-Different Avengers Kind of Puts the Kibosh on that Whole Reboot Idea

The first hints of a post-Secret Wars Marvel were revealed to the Internet yesterday with the team lineup of the All-New, All-Different Avengers. This is the first official look of what the Marvel Universe will be like in the Fall, when Marvel promised a big reboot! Or Marvel promised a big change and a lot of people assumed that meant a reboot. Me? I was never convinced, and this new cover image backs up my theories.

Take a look at it and tell me what you see.

Green hands? Brown ground?

I see Ms. Marvel, Lady Thor, Sam Alexander as Nova and Sam Wilson as Captain America; otherwise known as the exact same lineup of characters in a pre-Secret Wars world. So if Marvel were actually going to go through with a reboot, wouldn’t none of these characters exist?

Granted, the addition of Miles Morales means a whole heck of a lot. But that’s something to unpack on another day.

All I’m worried about today is the fact that, when Secret Wars is over, the Marvel Universe is going to be largely the same. It’ll have the same characters in most likely the same situations. Yes, some things will be different, some characters and status quos might be switched around, but the Marvel Universe isn’t going anywhere.


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  1. My theory is a Flashpoint style merger of universes which besides adding a few characters won’t change most things unless the writers decide they need a new plot point out of nowhere a la “Original Sin” and procede to say that in this new combined universe that was the way things always were.

  2. All of Marvel constant need to compete with DC Comics is getting old. It seems that those who are in charge at Marvel are DC Alumnus. For once, I would love to see those in the leadership role from other independent companies because Marvel is becoming DC Comics. And I really do not see why the obsession of bring Miles from his own universe unto the regular Marvel Universe. They killed everything that made the Ultimate Universe unique and now they want to blend it with the regular MU.

  3. Glenn H. Morrow

    Sean, I really don’t think anyone ever suspected a hard reboot that wiped the board clean and started afresh. Not even one as hard as “Crisis On Infinite Earths,” even though it’s obviously channeling that event to a great extent. That’s not how most people have been discussing “Secret Wars” as a reboot.

    As a publishing decision, it’s definitely going to amount to a reboot. Even from the in-universe perspective of the fiction, it will largely be so, with the setting(s) altered.

    I doubt at this point if any history will be changed a la COIE when New Earth was created and several alternate timelines had to be merged — but I won’t be surprised if, after the firsr year or so of the new status quo, characters stop talking about “the way things used to be back in my original universe.”

    • I can remember some news websites getting pretty apocalyptic in their predictions when Marvel first revealed the news. But I definitely think you’re right. No way will this be a full on COIE-style reboot.

  4. The Avengers lineup is remixed and reformed so many times, at this point it’s basically ‘Ok, what Marvel Heroes HAVEN’T been in the Avengers yet, and lets throw them in as something new and exciting’ (with a couple of old mainstays of course). I don’t even care anymore. I stopped reading Avengers about 2-3 reboots ago now. I will be interested to see how Secret Wars 3 changes the rest of the Marvel U though.

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