Mimic is Alive and a Mutant!

I realize this new likely only matters to me and a select few Mimic fans in the world. But this is my blog, it’s a random Thursday, and even the barest mention of Mimic in an X-Men comic is an event. The dude is pretty rare. And he’s supposed to be dead!

But this week’s issue of House of X finally reveals how all of those previously dead mutants have come back to life in the big new relaunch. It involves a group of mutants combining their powers to basically super-clone the dead and essentially give them new life. It all makes sense in the context of the issue, which I’ll be including in my weekly comic reviews on Saturday.

The important part is that, in writer Jonathan Hickman’s prose materials, he name drops the Mimic as someone who can step in and take over for this group of mutants.

Mimic Mention 01

I realize the silliness of posting a picture of text

He also says that Mimic is a mutant. This isn’t historically the case. He was originally a normal human who developed his mimicry powers through a science experiment. Though there were times where some writers established that the experiment simply brought out his latest X-gene.

Honestly, I doubt Hickman has given much concern for whether or not Mimic is a human or a mutant. The important thing is that he has benefited from all these resurrections and he’s back among the living! That’s exciting news.

Unless all of this is some big feint and he goes back to being dead at the end of it…


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  1. Yeah, and let’s celebrate the fact that all our favorite mutants could come back from the dead soon. We lost a lot in the past year, so that’s great news. I’m wondering if we’ll see Thunderbird eventually.

    On the other hand, I’m concerned about the ability to write high-stakes (or any-stakes) stories in the future, if any mutant death can be nullified in a mere 48 hours. (It was bad enough when deaths became no big deal because…they’ll come back somehow.) I have no doubt that Hickman has a well-laid plan, but since I don’t know what it is…I have concerns.

    • I have cast all my concerns by the wayside. I had so completely given up on X-Men comics, especially in the past year of a crappy Uncanny relaunch, a crappy Age of X-Man and then all those deaths. So Hickman and Marvel could do pretty much whatever they want in this relaunch and I’ll consider it an improvement. Maybe. We’ll see. But yeah, I am fully on board with this crazy resurrection idea. Let it solve the joke of X-Men deaths.

  2. It’s great that Mimic is back! Hopefully changing him into a mutant will make him stay with the X-Men for good. Thanks for the great Mimic news!

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