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The 6 Characters in My Krakoan Brotherhood of Mutants

It’s that time of year again! San Diego Comic-Con was last weekend, and every year, I put together a List of Six filling out the roster of a famous superhero team. If I were granted creative control on a new comic starring this team, which characters would I choose and why? It’s a very fun tradition — at least for me — and we’re doing it again this year with the Brotherhood of Mutants! But not just any Brotherhood, this is a new one designed around the Dawn of X era!

This takes me back

The Krakoa-era of the X-Men has had a lot of different comics and teams so far, using all manner of classic names. The Marauders is still an ongoing series, and we’ve had X-Force, the New Mutants, X-Factor, the Fallen Angels and, finally, a new flagship X-Men team. But one classic X-group that Marvel hasn’t used yet is the Brotherhood of Mutants. I wonder why. The Brotherhood is a favorite team of mine, and I think Krakoa is a great place to bring them back.

Throughout the years, I’ve already done lists for the Avengers, Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy, Teen Titans, Fantastic Four and more! I did my core X-Men team a couple years ago, and an X-Force squad. Last year, I created the “Secret X-Men“, the X-comic I would write if I could create it from the ground up.

Join me after the jump for the premise and roster of my Krakoa-era Brotherhood of Mutants team! And feel free to share your own ideas in the comments.

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